Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Teen Mom Special: Maci Moved Again

One of the magical things about DVRs is that surprises sometimes pop up. I have Teen Mom set on "series record - new episodes only," but as the series officially ended ten months ago, I was completely caught off-guard when "Being Maci" appeared in the list of recordings. Apparently, last December (evidenced by Christmas decorations), the cameras were back with Maci, Ryan, and Bentley for some more filming. The young mother jumps from one holiday to another, it seems, as a photo of a Fourth of July celebration was recently posted as well.
The hour-long special actually does not really give much new information. Maci and Ryan continue to struggle with co-parenting. Ryan is still with Dalis (who first appeared in the middle of the fourth season) and Maci is single, living with two friends. Maci is still in school but now has a radio show and over a million Twitter followers. Otherwise, not too much...

Teen Mom "Being Maci" (Special): Maci has a radio show called "Ask Maci," which makes her nervous. [the questions recorded were either obviously forced or were from her very first day, as they are the most generic things ever.] She comes home to housemates Katie and Nikki, and roommate Bentley, as he doesn't want his own space. [I don't remember a lot about being four years old, but I couldn't imagine wanting to share a room, LoL.] Ryan is concerned about the new living situation because there is a keg and beer pong table in the garage, and his worries are only made worse when Dalis tells him that Maci's roommates have rough histories. [because on the Teen Mom shows, everyone knows everyone, regardless of how big the town is.]

Ryan takes Bentley for a weekend when Dalis is away, but, as usual, he leaves his son with his parents as he hits the clubs. He's caught by Maci and her posse, but no problems come out of it. [I wasn't really clear on what Brandon did before almost getting into a fight...] Because Ryan and Dalis seem to be having some problems, Ryan appears to be extra-nice to Maci, even inviting her along when he takes Bentley to the dirtbike track. [I can't imagine letting my preschooler ride a motorized bike on that bumpy trail!]

A little of Maci's parenting is shown when she won't allow Bentley to treat her poorly and when she praises his "gold star" at preschool. [that looked like a serious school.] We also see her mature attitude when she tells one of her roommates that complaining about math won't help anyone.
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