Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Teen Mom: Are We at the End Yet?

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I feel like Teen Mom has been milking their final season before it even began airing. How many different post-season specials can they run?? Well, I *think* we've finally hit the end of it (though Catelynn would have us believe otherwise), so I present to you some recaps from those final specials... the "Farewell Special" has everyone (minus Amber) talking about the whole thing.. the casting process, the first days of filming, evolving from 16 & Pregnant to Teen Mom, what it's like to be recognized, what they knew about birth control before they were pregnant, what their current birth control methods are, and how they'll educate their own children. "Amber Behind Bars" is rather self-explanatory. "Ask the Moms" gave viewers a chance to ask some questions of the now-(in)famous teenage mothers, and the girls gave some goodbyes as well. Nothing uber-enlightening came from any of these final specials, but here you go with a recap nonetheless. 

Teen Mom "Farewell Special" (Special):
: We see Amber's casting tape, where she talks about her relationship with Gary and the day she found out she was pregnant. [did we really need to see the abuse between this couple again??] Now, Gary has full custody of Leah (who started dance classes), Amber has been sentenced to five years in prison for opting out of drug court, and Gary struggles over what to say to Leah about Amber's whereabouts.

Catelynn: They heard about 16 & Pregnant casting through their adoption counselor - Tyler was much more excited about it than Catelynn. We see the drama again between Catelynn and her family when she and Tyler decided to pursue adoption. They loved the cameras capturing their one-year visit with Carly. Now, they have moved into a new place, are still in college, and are planning their wedding for July 13th, 2013. They have finally gotten Brandon & Teresa's address so they can send presents directly, and also a potential wedding invitation. 

Farrah: She was pursuing modeling and acting when she found out that she was pregnant and wanted something positive out of it, which is why she applied for the show. She talks about how difficult it was to bring up Derek on the air. [yeah, I was dumbfounded when he came out of nowhere at some point!] Now, she lives in a new place in FL, is working on self-employed projects, doing modeling, and Sophia is in Early Learning School. [she doesn't say that she graduated, though...]

Maci: Maci's mom found out about 16 & Pregnant through Craigslist, and she suggested Maci apply. Ryan and his parents didn't know, and Ryan wasn't thrilled about how filming worked. [totally believable!] We see Maci prepare to get married, and Ryan talk about how he might not have ever loved Maci. [this seemed a bit forced to me.] Maci's parents talk about how Maci probably thought that she and Ryan could make it because they made it as teen parents. [that probably had a lot to do with it!] Now, Maci and Bentley have been on their own for five months, but she does have roommates. [has she always had that shoulder tattoo??] Maci is doing well in school, anchors school news, Bentley is in preschool, and Ryan has an apartment and is single.

Teen Mom "Amber Behind Bars" (Special): Amber takes no drugs so feels everything again. She explains that, in prison, she went through intake, then open population, and is now in therapeutic community, where she's been for two months. She didn't know in advance that she'd end up there when she went to prison. She reminds us of the road that got her here... it started with the domestic battery with Gary, then she broke probation with pill possession. She's in prison for five years, a decision she made because nothing else was working. [still sucks, though!] She hears rude people say things about her in prison. She misses Starbucks, driving, shopping, her family, and freedom.

Leah nor Gary have visited, which makes Amber feel like she doesn't matter and never did. She's sent visitation papers twice, but Leah doesn't exactly know the situation, either.

She shares some deeper things, like how she got hooked on harder drugs and didn't care about anything besides getting her next fix - she'd even use while taking a screening! Amber says that she's ready to get sober his time, though she's said that before. On a daily basis, Amber wakes at 7:30am, has group meeting at 9am, then she has Narcotics Anonymous, then she cleans bathrooms for sixty cents an hour, then she takes mandatory classes, she takes a GED class (on Saturdays), and she takes an anger management class.

"Be calm, be true, be quiet. Accept criticism as well as accept praise. Be true to your highest ideals," is something that they chant three times per day. [I found it a tad difficult to believe that Amber subscribes to this mantra, but whatever.]
Teen Mom "Ask the Moms" (Special):
What's prison like? it sucks.
What first attracted you to Gary? he was a Senior and the biggest guy in high school. He was goofy and funny.
What did you think when Gary bought a $21 engagement ring and asked for the return policy? I thought he was nervous that I'd say no.
What will you tell Leah about boys and sex? I don't even want to think about that.
If you could change anything that happened in the last three years, what would it be? hitting Gary on TV. [ya think?!?]

How do you feel now that it's over? glad to have a break.
Is it weird that you're technically marrying your brother? [I've thought this one, too!] They were together for years before their parents got together.
Do you plan to have kids in the future? yeah. She tried to talk Tyler into five. She wants to wait, though. She thinks Carly will understand if she has more kids because there will be a 10+ year difference. [who thinks Catelynn and Tyler will wait that long??]
Has anyone in the family met Carly? Kim, Tyler's mom, has. Everyone else has to wait until they're sober.
What will you do now that Teen Mom is over? plan a wedding.
Wedding details? She doesn't share much besides the fact that she has quite a few colors: red, burgundy, cream, light pink.
If you could change anything that happened in the last three years, what would it be? nothing.
Will you ever be on TV again? Catelynn wants to see a stronger finish for herself and Tyler.

Why did you submit yourself? she wanted to keep someone from having to go through the same changes she did.
have you and Ryan hooked up since you broke up? right when they broke up, obviously, but since then, no. [does she say "obviously" because it was apparent on the show or because she assumes that happens with people??]
Are you secretly in love with Ryan? no.
Do you have to watch what you say around Bentley? for sure.
Does she get nervous allowing Bentley to watch all of the scenes on the show? yeah, but she can explain them.
What will you do now that Teen Mom is over? finish school. 
What's Bentley up to? he rides his dirt bike on a track.
If you could change anything that happened in the last three years, what would it be? nothing, because maybe she wouldn't be as happy.
Will you ever be on TV again? it's a tough decision.

are you dating anyone new? no. she wants to be more reserved now.
Whats her dream guy like? A smart, rich doctor. j/k. the guy version of her. j/k. a good father figure and a great partner, a great family guy who is hard-working. [what a super-annoying Farrah answer!]
What does she enjoy most about being a mom? Hanging out with Sophia for a whole day. 
Did you tell Derek you were pregnant? She tried to call him but when he didn't answer, she shut him out.
What will you do now that Teen Mom is over? She wants to open her first restaurant, continue writing books, do more music.
If you could change anything that happened in the last three years, what would it be? incorporate Derek more.
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