Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Top 10 TV Sluts

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

10. Ally McBeal (Ally McBeal). the dancing babies really should be an obvious notion that Ally is always trying to find a relationship. With her biological clock ticking, Ally tries hard to find a soul mate... encountering many sexual relationships along the way. Notable men in her life: Billy, Greg, Brian, Larry.

9. Grace Adler (Will & Grace). Aside from having the constant fear that yet another boyfriend will "turn gay," Grace is out on the prowl regularly. She meets men in the most random places, and really wants to find someone solid in her life... but at the same time demanding a lifestyle of fun. Notable men in her life: Danny, Will, Josh, Leo, Nathan

8. Lois Griffin (Family Guy). Many of her conquests remain a mystery, yet she seems proud of her promiscuous past. The typical rebel of an upper-class family, teenage Lois did an assortment of drugs, drank, and yet was crowned Miss Rhode Island. She makes vague references of forced miscarriages, and has stated a past tried-curiosity with lesbianism. Notable men in her life: Peter, Bill Clinton, Glenn Quagmire.

7. Kelly Taylor (Beverly Hills, 90210). While she tried hard to change her image for a while, Kelly never really stopped having the "easy" reputation that many sluts end up with. She's been raped and date-raped, has had many one-time-only dates, but a lot of long-term men as well. Interestingly, her on-again, off-again relationships are probably what she is best known for. Notable men in her life: Dylan, Jake, Brandon, Steve, Colin, Matt.

6. Hilda Spellman (Sabrina, The Teenage Witch). While she has the advantage of having hundreds of years to have spent with different men, we often only hear about the last century or so. She was quite the partier before raising Sabrina, as it is revealed that the second floor of the house was a disco, she spent many late nights on the town, and many weekends in Tuscany. Notable men in her life: Drell, Will, Willard (Mr. Kraft).

5. Rachel Green (Friends). We know that she was popular in high school and college, having many boyfriends (particularly before the rumor about her being a hermaphrodite began circulating), sometimes several at once. She is a constant flirt throughout the show, hardly changing even after the birth of her daughter. The reason she's not higher on this list is probably because the role of promiscuity seems natural for her. Notable men in her life: Barry, Ross, Paolo, Joey, Mark, Josh, Danny, Tag, Paul, Gavin.

4. Adrian Lee (The Secret Life of the American Teenager). At only seventeen years old, this character already has quite the following. She is known as "the school slut" even though we only know of two lovers who go to that school. Obviously there were more before Ricky. Adrian flaunts herself, and derives a great deal of pleasure from being considered sexy. Notable men in her life: Ricky, Max, Jack, Antonio.

3. Nina Van Horn (Just Shoot Me). We never find out her exact age, or her exact number of partners, for that matter. But we know it is high, and that she doesn't remember a lot of them, particularly due to the number of drugs she uses. But she's not shy about it, and makes sure that her body isn't "going downhill" as she ages, showing it off to anyone who will look, really. Notable men in her life: well, most didn't have names or stick around long enough, LoL. There was Robert, he counts.

2. Manny Santos (Degrassi: The Next Generation). While her character is currently in college, Manny started her promiscuity incredibly young, and that's how she got to near the top of this list... her numbers are quite high. She was not yet in high school when she began dressing sexy, and by the time she reached grade 9, she was already in the principal's office for wearing noticeable thongs and midriff-bearing shirts, among other things. After her abortion of Craig's baby, it becomes hard to follow exactly whom Manny is after from time to time. Notable men in her life: Jay, Craig, Sully, JT, Spinner, Damian, Mick, Kelly.

1. Samantha Jones (Sex and the City). well, let's begin with the fact that she defines herself as "try-sexual," as in she'll try anything sexual once. We know of two abortions. We know of countless (really) one-night stands. She even had a serious relationship with a woman (Maria). Notable men in her life: Richard, Smith, James. seriously, there are too many to count.
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