Monday, September 21, 2009

The 61st Annual Emmy Awards

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Considering that this is a television blog, it only makes sense that I cover the Emmys. :)

I'd like to open by reminding the crowd that I adore Neil Patrick Harris (he's come up in at least three of my previous entries). Not only was his opening number spectacular, but his humor throughout the evening was witty and appropriate.

The early joke about how Kanye better like 30 Rock was pretty funny.

I was pulling for Kristin Chenoweth for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy, even though nobody else seemed to be. She won, and was very surprised by it. Her dress was very busy, and I loved her commentary on how Pushing Daisies is no longer on the air, and name-dropping a few of the shows she'd love to be on, hehe. The glasses touch by all of the nominees in that category was also cute.

As much as I wanted NPH to win Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy, I understand that Jon Cryer has been nominated four times, so okay.

I couldn't stand the dress that Toni Collette (Best Actress in a Comedy - The United States of Tara) was wearing... she looked like a red bird, LoL. Let's also not forget that half of America has never even heard of that show, let alone actually seen it.

The Dancing with the Stars number was kinda neat, although I made no comments aloud during it, so that says something.

"Movies and Miniseries" is always an interesting category for me, and I always think that so many great things come out of that medium. But when did it get SO BIG?? I feel that this category took up an unjustified proportion of time. The Drew Barrymore/Jessica Lange moment was cute. I need to chorus what was all over Twitter... Dearbhla Walsh had the worst dress of the evening. It didn't fit. It looked bad. Some spanx, or even just a bra, would have helped. She was struggling in those heels as well. Poor girl. When Grey Gardens won, I was just thrown with "wow" at the speech... so moving. I'm actually kinda glad he got to use it here instead of in the actual film.

I quite enjoyed the "original music and lyrics" field in the variety section... there were several great options... and I am SO excited about the actual winner. Props to Hugh Jackman (and, well, the writers, haha).

I had forgotten how many fabulous people had passed away in the last year... rough year in popular culture, folks.

ER walked away with one final Emmy. Congratulations Rod Holcomb. Too bad you couldn't be there, I'm sure he would've said something great. I did laugh at your pre-taped comment about how, when having trouble with someone on-set, tell them to go to hell in such a way that they want to be there.

Nice look Glenn Close! "Category sisters," nice.

Well, when the cast of The Big Bang Theory came up to give an award, I realized that Johnny Galecki was on that show. I kinda really like him, and I've already stated a few times that it's been recommended to me on more than one occasion. So, I guess that's that. I'm going to have to find a way to incorporate yet another Monday night show into my schedule... I really need a tivo!!

I thought that Hayden Panettiere was looking particularly nice, between her dress, makeup, and hair. I never saw her shoes.

WHY WERE THERE SO MANY EMPTY SEATS?!?? I thought they had seat-fillers for this... or is that only the Tony Awards? or is it only on Seinfeld, LoL?

I'd like to end by noting that I have still never seen 30 Rock. And I've been trying hard to keep it that way. 22 nominations (writing was a killer, especially!), but I have no desire. Which is intriguing, since I am really do not plan on seeing it, yet it keeps coming up with reasons for me...

Last thoughts: I couldn't believe how poorly the Entertainment Weekly guys did with predictions! Seriously, I follow their sheet as I think things through myself! Michael Ausiello went 4 for 11, Lynette Rice went 2 for 11, and Ken Tucker went 3 for 11. I should note that all three of them correctly predicted the categories of "Best Comedy Series" and "Best Drama Series" so they actually got very few correct when it comes to actors, actresses, etc.
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