Friday, September 25, 2009

And It's FALL!!!!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


Monk: The opening was pretty interesting (and dramatic). Why did the critic assume Natalie was a "miss" when he knew she had a daughter? I still don't understand why Monk wrote Natalie a bad check to start out with. I rather enjoyed the scene with Mr. Monk and the bathroom attendant brushing each other off, hehe. poor attendant, he got hit SO HARD with that club. :( now, back to the case... SUCH a SMART thought process! Having Natalie's daughter make up a story, then the killer completely not recognize her when she's wearing THE EXACT SAME outfit she was in the show was GENIUS! Not only did that prove he wasn't there, but it proved that he faked the review. so smart! where did Natalie's daughter come from, anyway? I have never seen nor heard about her before... and Natalie has been on the show for YEARS. Sharona's son was prominent from day 1, why not Natalie's daughter??


The Simpsons
: September 27th

Family Guy: September 27th

American Dad: September 27th

How I Met Your Mother: "Lily, use your indoor woo!" I could totally see my life in the Lily-and-Marshall-in-bed-eating-ice-cream thing, haha. and there's an upcoming whipping, it's almost as exciting as slapsgiving! loved the scene where Barney was searching for Ted's condoms. I really hope that the hinted-at upcoming book has to do with Barney's rules for professors. The look on Barney's face when Robin was talking to the Brad the hockey guy was so good. I love that Ted looked into the audience to try and spell "professor" hahahahaha. oh my lord, Ted was in the wrong classroom... holy mackerel. I was so laughing throughout the entire episode, and it was extra noticeable since I was watching it in silence with headphones on, LoL. and the last four minutes or so were just comic genius (save that last 40 seconds...).

Lincoln Heights
: "Eddie, you cooking is not a gift." Poor Lizzie, there's no way those "clones" are into her... they just want to blackmail Sage. NateRay is a real d!ck toward Tay. Charles just up and left? Are you kidding me? I don't like how easily Lizzie is swayed by others, the text thing drove me nuts. and what a horrible, despicable thing to do! I felt for that girl like crazy. :( Charles is also looking a little too pretty these days... he used to be cute, but now it's more of a feminine look. I also hate how Charles had to make Sage a part of the picture AGAIN. Poor Tay, everything going wrong at his birthday dinner. :( I don't know why Cassie told Tay and Lizzie about letting Mac die. I loooooved the lipcolor that the outcast girl had on when she was in the bleachers. I was also surprised how easily she opened up to Lizzie, and I was crazed to hear the word "sexted" on television... I had only even heard it for the first time recently. I guess I'm out of the teen slang loop these days, LoL. Why in the world is the "Community Cares Club" so popular??!? And why would Charles show Sage the $$??

House, M.D.: not gonna lie, this episode was pretty good. good character development for a lot of people, considering that we will never see them again and they only had two hours to work with. There were also some great lines, and House himself was pretty moving. It was strange to only see Wilson as opposed to anyone else in the regular cast, but it did okay. I didn't take notes since I was watching with a group kinda unexpectedly, but I'm very curious as to what exactly counts as being well enough to leave. House himself asked twice, and never really received a cut-and-dried answer. I was a bit taken aback by the character of the guy in charge... I imagine that we may see him again, perhaps there will be some co-op ventures in diagnostics? or something. Lastly, I could see this episode nominated for an award. yeah.

Lie to Me: next week

Jon and Kate Plus Eight: Kate used to stop by Henry the Grocer once or twice a DAY?!? what?!? "life was simpler [when we struggled to make ends meet]." It must actually be kinda neat to know Kate without the media influences, LoL. Cara and Mady were really at each other's throats this time! I was kinda surprised that the "Cara foot" storyline was in the episode... it didn't really serve a purpose other than making it clear that custody is shared in a very strict way.

Big Bang Theory: my first attempt at this show. The theme song is catchy. "In the world of emoticons I was colon Capital D." hahaha. The changes from scene to scene were very 3rd Rock. but too fast. anyway, the storyline itself wasn't very interesting and that's good. Now I won't have to include it in my weekly routine after all. Luckily, even Johnny Galecki didn't entice me this time, and the on-again, off-again show of Sara Gilbert ain't gonna cut it for me... I hated when they did that to her character on ER.

18 Kids and Counting: missed. it. add "Duggar on a Diet" to the list of missing... "Duggars in Dixie" and "Duggars and Bates Reloaded"

Table for 12 (apparently this is on): I missed both episodes since there were no commercials ahead of time, LoL.

Glee: I love lying to your parents and all the drama that goes along with keeping up the ruse. I don't know how we are supposed to believe that three months have passed since Will and wife found out they were pregnant... Once again, I love Will's outfits. The caning thing was scary. Western Ohio, eh? Interesting setting... definitely unique. Rachel and her selfish self sucks. but I did like how Mercedes broke the fight by being upset that her part is a "jet" haha. Why are FInn and Kurt pretending to be friends? This is so fake. "In charge of hydration services" = waterboy, haha. I hope mohawk boy comes out of the closet... I'm intrigued to see if they're trying to foreshadow that or not. Sue's racism is getting to me. Is this school making "show choir" and "glee club" the same thing? It sure seems this way, even from the parental perspective. The flight attendant video shouldn't have been a big deal... it's not like that's a despicable job or anything. I also hate how the teachers are freaking fighting over the students... seriously?!? oh... I guess mohawk isn't gay... and I can't believe Quinn slept with him!! During the football game tho, I lost all respect for this show. I need realism. Fantasy bullcrap doesn't fly with me. I dunno, I may give this show up. Next week is Kristin Chenoweth's episode, so I'll give that a final try.

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Off season:
16 and Pregnant
South Park (October 7th)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager
Cake Boss
Little People, Big World (October 19th)
The Goode Family (waiting to be picked up again)
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