Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Top 10 House, MD Tweeters to Follow

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Twitter is nothing new. Television shows having twitter feeds is also common. However, what is perhaps most interesting is the idea of tweeters taking on the role of major characters. They tweet out favorite lines, upcoming spoilers, episode recaps, cast trivia, and all sorts of other information. Some shows have more "impostors" than others, and some even have legitimate tweeters. Dr. House, from the Monday night show on Fox, is one of the many characters which show up all over Twitter. Not just in English, either. There seems to be a large Spanish-speaking House contingency, along with Polish, German, and probably some other languages represented as well.

Today's Top Ten list features some of the best (English) Dr. House tweeters. If you're into Twitter (and really, who isn't at this point?), go out and take a look at some of these folks. (MANY of them claim to be official, but obviously they can't all be, LoL.)

10. @HOUSEonFOX is very television-promotional... and very new.
9. @HouseMDsite is run by a foreigner (check the website it links to), and points out a lot of websites across the net that may be of interest to House fans.
8. @House_Fan apparently just became aware that a new season is going on, since they've only made one update since last spring. and a lot of the previous tweets are generalized stuff, but there's a few decent things on there.
7. @DrHouse somehow has 23k followers after making just 165 total tweets. There are a few good one-liners, but most of the tweets are replies to others, sometimes talking about very unrelated stuff.
6. @Gregory_House is the start of those really worth following. not only are there realistic jokes and character-strong references, but it also interacts well with other tweeters from the show.
5. @House_isms is kinda random, not gonna lie. But at the same time, it's also fairly amusing, with quotes from over time.
4. @Huge_Ego_Sorry has some pretty funny tweets. it's updated on a fairly regular basis. some of the comments are randomly witty as opposed to in-character witty, though.
3. @GregMDHouse is kinda funny, and spends a good deal of time dealing specifically with the medical side of his character
2. @TheRealHouseMD is young, just over a month old. but with only 12 of 34 tweets replies, it's pretty good. It also retweets good comments made by House fans, and actually makes good use of the "bio" section.
1. @Greg_House_MD has a nice balance of replies, medical jargon, and quotes from the one and only House.

am I missing any that you like? have you already been following any of these for a good while now?
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1 comment:

say what? said...

Am I the only one who thinks that NONE of these are in character?

I mean, if these are just high school kids or something then I guess they're doing okay, impersonating a 50 year old man with an advanced degree. But generally even mediocre fanfiction is more in character than these people.