Friday, October 2, 2009

Back in the Swing of Things

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


Monk: voodoo. well, it's unique, I guess I can say that. I didn't get to see the episode live (was in Florida), but lucky for me, USA just keeps showing their new stuff, LoL. Randy was being a pansy, afraid to open the actual box at the second murder victim's house, LoL. "Call an ambulance. A different ambulance, this one's cursed!" A very intruiging crime, I was completely stumped as to how the packages and the mail worked out, etc.


The Simpsons
: I feel like we've had enough comic book heroes on Simpsons. I thought that the public not wanting to look at Homer was funny, and the way he "slimmed down" was amusing. okay, this was a horrible season opener. the end.

Family Guy: alternate universe television episodes are always amusing.

American Dad: I'm thinking of giving up on this show. I was never really a fan of the plotline or most of the characters, and I can't say that I really enjoy the idea behind the show, either. objections?

How I Met Your Mother: funny Ted premise. Why couldn't we get hotter girls to be the strippers? why didn't we get the backstory as to who set Ted up on that blind date both times? Why did Ted's not calling her the first time end the second date? It's been SEVEN years!! ummmm... OMG Marshall gets a boner when he drives by cemeteries because his fantasies include dead Lily? ahhhhh. We also know that this can't be the Mother, so the imagined wedding was a dumb move.

Lincoln Heights
: Leave it to Sage to get in the way. I love how crazy-dangerous this show is. Tay gets beat up, Cassie almost gets hit by a car, and that's in the first twenty minutes, LoL. I hate crappy parents, I really do. Charles' mom just makes me so, SO angry. The nerve-wracking part of the show definitely keeps me on the edge of my seat, like watching the fake wheelchair-bound guy try to kill Nate Ray, and pull a SECOND GUN!! Sidenote, Tay is looking uglier these days, guess he's not gonna age well, LoL. (oh, and I HAAAATE how Charles went back to his mom after all that. grrrr.) I also don't like how Charles pawned off the mysterious money on Eddie... now he doesn't know the source and it'll never get properly sorted out. Plus, knowing the Suttons, they may go and donate the money instead of using it themselves... :-/

House, M.D.: strange opening with the video game, LoL. The cat guy looked like he belonged on Thundercats, LoL. "janky" got used before the first five minutes were up. 13 had quite a bit of makeup on this episode... and still hating House's haircut. I like how Foreman's making it easier to hate him these days. I was happy that Nolan was back. Why does Taub keep bringing up Foreman's pants?? House taking up cooking with Wilson was kinda interesting, and I especially enjoyed the medical methodology being used in the kitchen. This episode had a lot more sexual references than usual... hope that show's tone isn't headed that way. "in public, the team opinion is your opinion" is not the way House ran things, and it makes me hate Foreman more. again. "I like to pretend they can see me eating" while watching Biggest Loser was the funniest line of the night (for me). I liked how Foreman read off faxed-in ideas and Taub and 13 took turns shooting down the suggestions. House is far too clever sometimes... Labrador Retriever pee? Brilliant. House solved the case after all that... I love it. loooooove it. Hated the ending. grrr. But I guess if House is coming back, 13 can return, so all is well again, haha.

Lie to Me: I'm thinking of leaving this show behind before I even begin commenting on it. Do any readers want to hear about this show? If so, it'd be easy enough to add in, my husband watches it religiously... I'm just not that into it.

Jon and Kate Plus Eight: wait. now it's a flashback to North Carolina again (which apparently was in like June, since Cara and Mady missed a week of school for it... but that's a separate issues)?!? Dang I hate the continuity issues on this show! Leah's hair got long! It's also interesting how the paparazzi is everywhere but I never see those photos in the tabloids at the grocery store... When did Cara get her ears pierced? I know Mady did last year when Cara went rollerblading, but I guess it ended up not being anything worth noting on the show, LoL. I kinda hate how much Kate complains about eating things like ice cream... it seems that she makes at least one comment every episode.

18 Kids and Counting: I love how included Jana was with the renewals, but some things (like telephoning various vendors and parties) should have been done by Michelle. I couldn't believe how rude the dress people were when JimBob asked about a puff-sleeved dress! And I couldn't believe how the little girls were chewing gum as they stood over the wedding dress in the package... I'm pretty sure someone would have died if gum got anywhere remotely near my gown. One more thought... the Huckabee show was on August 1st, but the Duggars didn't announce their newest pregnancy until September 1st... so at least the store really did take 6 weeks or so to order/ship the gown.

Sidenote: Michelle looked really confused when Huckabee asked about Jon and Kate, probably because she doesn't watch that... and he should have known that, LoL. Michelle really left for a week at one point? wow. D@mn Josh and his need to point out junk, like what his daughter's name is to be. I also thought it was really strange that they rehashed some of the pranks they pull on eachother... especially that they shared televised pranks, nothing new.

And why are Josh and Anna referring to their little "first anniversary vacation" as a "second honeymoon" ? LoL.

list of missing: "Duggars in Dixie" and "Duggars and Bates Reloaded" and "Duggar on a Diet"

Table for 12: no new episodes this week.

Glee: This being Kristin Chenoweth's episode,I gave the show a last chance to "wow" me. Don't get me wrong, I love listening to those kids croon some Journey, and Finn is growing on me, but the values in this show kill me. Equus as a HS production? Being failed over and over so you can continue to act/sing/play sports, etc.? ugh. The HS dropout drinking boxed wine and squatting in a house? ugh. I'm not sure where to start with April/Kristin getting the kids to drink, shoplift, be promiscuous, etc... and I'm just gonna leave the issue of Will's selfish motives for keeping around the bad influence alone. And why does Rachel have no problem quitting club after club? It's wrong of Will to take her back AND put her in the spotlight again. If he takes her back after the attitude she had before, she should have started at the bottom and had to re-earn a position as a lead singer. It should have taken a long time, like issues are handled seriously - think Drumline if nothing else! And then she quits and gets full creative control of the play?!? ahhhhh! But wait, DRUNK Kristin/April gets to sing in the concert after DRIVING DRUNK. nope. can't take it it. there's no way Will should have let her go on, regardless of whether or not she was needed. Yes, he decided to pull her (at intermission?), but then Rachel (who re-quit the play and is back here again) pulls her unethical crap. NO NO NO NO NO.
Um, how many glee club kids get music scholarships... seriously. The juxtaposition of Kristin/April and Rachel was kinda neat, but maybe a bit expected... And do the cheerios always have to wear those outfits?!? I hate Rachel's always saying "it's not easy being in the spotlight" lines... ahhhh! Oh, and realism... can someone who is 30 (and I'm shooting low) go to high school with regular kids in Ohio? Because you can't in Florida. The "date" between Finn and Rachel was cute, at least. Oh, and why are April and Rachel the only options for lead singer? What's wrong with the other girls? They've proven themselves a few times now...
anyway, bottom line. I can't take it. I will no longer be watching or supporting this valueless debauchery.

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Off season:
16 and Pregnant
South Park (October 7th)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager
Cake Boss
Little People, Big World (October 19th)
The Goode Family (waiting to be picked up again)

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also, I'm up for taking requests for new shows to start covering. :)
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