Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Switched at Birth: Summer Fun Is Over
Though John and Kathryn did not raise Daphne, they both tend to hold her to a higher standard than they do Toby and Bay. Yes, they have had many more years to see Toby and Bay make mistakes and they are well aware of their faults, but it only becomes more and more obvious that they tend to see Daphne as the golden child. Granted, her actions in this instance would be horrific for anyone to have done, but her choice to go to court alone over it is probably a decision that the other Kennish kids would not have made. Surely Bay would have let John write the check to cover her mistake, and Toby probably would have just given in to his father's judgment. Hopefully, Daphne is only sentenced to some community service, and maybe she will find a whole new potential career path because of it. Enough about her, though, as the other teens have their own problems... Toby being secretly married was probably the best solution for his issues, and hopefully everything will work out. Ty lying to Bay, on the other hand, was pretty unforgivable, and hopefully that is the last instance of him on the series. In January, it's back to school! Hopefully Toby will have some good news, though it seems doubtful... 

Switched at Birth "Departure of Summer" (S02E21): Coto suspects John is behind the texts because two of his interns broke into his office. John confronts Daphne, who believes that she just stood up for justice. [except, no.] Kathryn is worried because of Daphne's previous Carlton record. Daphne tries to get Coto to forget about it all, but he demands a $50,000 endorsement for his re-election campaign. [of course.] Regina thanks Kathryn for trying to help Daphne, but Daphne can't take her mind off of what that amount of money could do for someone, so rather than buying her way out and being as bad as Coto, she posts the truth on Jace's website. [the part on the screen only talks about how she started working for John to make a positive change but doesn't get to the good stuff.] Coto is inundated with reporters while John talks to a lawyer. Jace is arrested, and when it's time for the trial, Daphne doesn't want John, Kathryn, and Regina going in with her. [yep, this will be the big moment when the series returns!] 

At Toby and Nikki's rehearsal dinner, Emmett gives a speech (with Bay translating), and Toby overhears John saying at the rehearsal dinner that he'll be paying for the divorce in two years. [I wonder which is worse... having this happen or being offered a significant sum not to get married to a specific person...] Toby asks his parents to "fake it" better the next day, and that's when the conversation happens. Bay jumps in to try fighting for love, but the adults tell Toby and Nikki to keep a relationship but not make it legally binding. Jennice even tells them to just have sex and move on. [it was awkward, but it was important to say.] That night, they are intimate for the first time. [by the way, Toby got a letter saying that he is chlamydia-free, even though he was not supposed to find out until after the wedding.] In the morning, they call off the big shindig and elope at City Hall. [good for them.]

Ty leaves in three days, and Bay decides that she wants to take a demanding semester to graduate early and then start art school in Germany in January. [loved Kathryn's reaction: "she's not committing a felony or getting married. right now, for us, that's a win."] Ty finds out that he may see the front line, so he doesn't want Bay heading to Germany when he may not make it that far. So, when it looks like Ty might have been unfaithful, Bay gives up. [why put the #TyCheated in the corner of the screen if the audience is smart enough to know the panties and condom wrapper belonged to his buddy's encounter?] She asks Emmett why he cheated on her, but learns nothing new. Bay tells Mary Beth, who confronts Ty, but knows the truth and promises to keep is a secret, as all the kid wanted was for Bay to move on with her life in case something happens. [did this kid's family move? why no sight of them during Ty's leave?] 

Meanwhile, NOT involved in the wedding, Angelo struggles to care for Abby, even with plenty of help from Adriana. He winds up asking Leo to re-take primary custody but allow Angelo to see his daughter for birthdays, weekends here and there, vacations, etc. [so Angelo worked so hard to get this child but didn't think about how much work it would be to raise her? this is why there is so much neglect today. at least Abby won't suffer, though.]
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