Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Switched at Birth: Before Toby's Wedding...

For "The Merrymakers" being the penultimate episode of the season, it sure opened up a few cans of worms! Quite a few more stress factors on Toby and Nikki's relationship, Regina and Angelo's relationship must change, and tension between Bay and Ty is coming, for starters. The whole Simone issue really dredged up the sore feelings between Toby and Emmett, but apparently they are mature enough now to get past the fact that they both slept with the same trouble-making girl. Now that John and Kathryn know that Jennice is on their side regarding Toby and Nikki's marriage, a storm is definitely on the horizon. And, can we all agree that Daphne and Nikki were being naive teenagers when they assumed that there would be no security cameras at the Senator's office? Of course, I don't know what Daphne was thinking, telling ANOTHER secret! Sharing Parker's secret with Jace is what got her into this mess at the beginning!
I could keep going, but let's save some comments for in-line, with the short stories first this time...

Switched at Birth "The Merrymakers" (S02E20): The judge rules that Angelo gets to raise Abby, so Bay moves out to  make more space. [what was with Regina calls PJs "PGs" ??] After Angelo and Regina discover that the same parenting tricks they used on Daphne still work, they get intimate, only for Regina to later admit that it is not right for her to help raise his baby. [awkward!]

Back at home, Bay asks John if he'll make a call to stop Ty from being deployed, unaware that he actually wants to remain loyal to his platoon. John initially claims that he will not help because Ty signed up for this, but he later reconsiders and talks to Ty, only to learn that he just doesn't want to disappoint Bay. [I think Mary Beth explaining the ethics of it all to Bay fell a bit on deaf ears.] John tells Bay that he made some calls and wasn't able to do anything. [lies. the best solutions. of course.]

Coto insinuates to Daphne that he will retaliate, and that he is trying to find out who else was involved. She decides to ask John if she can end her internship early, not explaining that it is to avoid Coto. He caves once Kathryn agrees, but that's not the end of it. [claiming it was too hard to work around Jace after a breakup was a bad reason, though.] 

[Now, on to Toby and Nikki...] Nikki's mother, Jennice, comes to the Kennish home to discuss wedding details, as the big day is only a week away. [and they haven't set the menu yet??] Nikki and Toby want a simple chicken dinner, but Jennice is considering a pricey seafood buffet of sorts. [wine bottles for party favors when the bride and groom aren't of drinking age?] Jennice is also trying to make a huge shindig out of this, claiming Nikki wanted something elaborate when she was a little girl, but after Regina tells Kathryn about Jennice's husband's past, Kathryn understands that Jennice is just overcompensating. [John's reaction was pretty funny.] The next day, Kathryn and Jennice talk about how neither wants Toby and Nikki to get married yet.

Wilke doesn't think Toby should get married either, so he decides to not even come into town for the bachelor party that he was supposed to plan. Luckily, Emmett stepped up and put together a party for the groom. Toby offers Emmett the position of "best man," but he admits that he thinks Toby is rushing into the marriage. [this all reminds me of my own wedding, where I had to let a bridesmaid go because she didn't support my marriage. but that's a long story for another time.] However, Toby almost immediately regrets asking Emmett, as a call from Simone results in the guys heading to a clinic instead of the bar because they both could have been exposed to Simone's chlamydia. [did NOT see that coming! also, how late is that clinic open??] The results take 7-10 business days, which means Toby must tell Nikki about the situation. [wow. that's terrible! I did like that Toby learned money doesn't solve everything, though!] After Emmett sees how maturely Toby and Nikki discuss the issue, he takes back his negativity and offers to stand up for Toby.

This whole situation meant that Travis was left alone at a bar with a stripper, whom he tries to stall through dancing. That's all well and good, except for the fact that his insecure girlfriend sees him. See, three blocks away, Daphne, Bay, Mary Beth, and Nikki were having a bachelorette party of their own, and after a few drinks, they each have to complete a dare. [they were able to procure drinks FAR too easily!] Mary Beth's dare is to kiss a guy... but after three dates with Travis, all she wants to do is kiss him. [and all he wants to do is kiss her, for that matter.] So, Bay tries to make it happen, but when Travis is caught dancing with a woman who could be a lingerie model, plus-size Mary Beth assumes that she isn't attractive, hence the lack of a physical relationship. [because, stereotypically, the only reason a guy would hesitate to kiss a girl would be because she's heavy. way to perpetuate body image issues, ABC Family!] Travis feels bad, so he goes in search of Mary Beth's brother's lost dogtags, and is able to find them at the mini-golf place. [awww!] Once she has those, Mary Beth's confidence returns and she plants a big wet one on Travis. [I still feel like this relationship is prone to issues with Mary Beth's very limited signing...]

However, back to the bachelorette party, while Bay and Mary Beth were off seeing Travis, Daphne tells Nikki about the blackmailing, and the bride-to-be drunkenly calls Coto's office and leaves a message. [I guess these kids don't know that rule #1 of a bachelor(ette) party is to take away the honoree's phone!] So, the girls must head to his office, and when they can't pick the lock, they ask a janitor to let them in, claiming that hands-free didn't hang up before Daphne said something bad after a message. They're able to erase the evidence, but security footage remains. [I'm surprised that the security guard didn't immediately tell John as well, unless he didn't recognize the girls...]
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