Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Switched at Birth: Relationships Going Sour?

Angelo may have been absent from this installment, but this series is otherwise back on track for each character having their own storylines taking place. John and Regina had a very small moment, though her project re-decorating the car wash's office and waiting area will probably come back in a bigger way before long. Similarly, Ty being redeployed was probably inevitable and will likely be a major event for Bay just like the first time, especially now that he has admitted that he loves her. The more thought-provoking love situation, however, would probably be Daphne taking issue with Jace's lack of morals. The Coto event could have been just some summer fun, and his Independence Day antics were with business intentions, but the kid definitely has a dark side. In the past, Daphne has gone for that type, but perhaps she's already catching onto what probably won't end well...

Switched at Birth "As the Shadows Deepen" (S02E18): Maui, Kansas isn't doing well and is planning to close on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until Bay comes up with some ideas for themed days to bring in more business. [I hope we see her try to implement more of them.] She starts with Deaf Day getting Daphne to help spread the word.
Then, Emmett helps her get a 16mm print of Deafenstein online, but they receive Spankenstein instead. [there's no sign for Rocky Horror?!] Their only option is to project the DVD, but when you add that to the food, games, and deaf karaoke, the crowd seems pleased. Well, most of the crowd. Travis gets drunk and upset that no girls like him, but he asks out Mary Beth and she accepts. [I wonder how that date will go... though I'm sure Bay will tutor her a bit.] Plus, one guy makes a rude comment about deaf people, so when Jace and Daphne later find his wallet, she takes the cash as a donation to Carlton. [I didn't like how this was pretty much condoned.] Jace plans to then steal from the guy, but Daphne puts a stop to that.

Daphne and Jace make out in a parked car, and a policeman shows up, so Jace pretends that he has diplomatic immunity. [I can't believe how easy that was!] Later, the pair are at a cafe and learn that Chef Jeff is engaged to a woman he was dating for four years, meaning that he cheated on her with both Melody and Daphne. Jace tells Jeff's fiance about this, angering Jeff and Daphne. [why bring back Jeff? What purpose does that serve?]

Kathryn finds out that Toby is on the waitlist for WU, so she asks John's father to make a call and see if Toby could get higher up on the list. As John and his father don't speak, Kathryn tries to get the men to let go of their anger, which results in the men actually having a conversation. [please don't tell me the guy will become a recurring character...]

Nikki and Toby want to see her father's killer, but they need someone 21+ to chaperone them, so Toby asks Regina. [how handy that must be...] They go, but Nikki chickens out at the last minute, leaving Toby to talk to the man, who is remorseful. However, he also says that Nikki's father was a drug dealer. [whaaa...?!?!?] He tells Regina, who says that he should tell Nikki before she learns from someone else... only his fiance won't believe him. [interesting that she won't believe Toby...]
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