Thursday, August 1, 2013

Futurama: Bender's Buttocks

As was previously mentioned, the end of the Futurama series is expected to be largely unoriginal and leftover ideas from seasons past that never came to light. "Assie Come Home" only had two moments that were actually reminiscent of the classic collie, but the storyline itself was still lackluster. Had the gang rivalry and Leela's attempts to thwart organized violence been the focus of the episode, it might have been better. Instead, that was just the precursor to Bender having his body stolen. Another aspect that could have improved the episode might have been to have Amy and Zoidberg also out looking for Bender's parts, but the story cut out those characters. And don't get me started on the underwater-shipwrecks-in-space shenanigan... five more episodes and this show will be retired for good.

Futurama "Assie Come Home" (S07E21): The Professor has a delivery for a planet full of criminals, and Fry, Leela, and Bender need to be careful they deliver to the correct gang - rivals Blips and Cruds have very slightly different jerseys. Leela wants to know what is in the crate, and when she learns that it's firearms, she has Bender curve the barrels so they can't be used. [haha, "visit scenic Detroit."] Turns out, the weapons were a gift from one gang to the other, and they wind up having a mass suicide when the guns shoot the holders. [that was a bit horrific!] When Leela and Fry return to the ship, Bender's body has been stolen, and he's nothing but a mouth and eyes. [funny premise.] Hermes had a ro-jack on Bender, leading them to a chopshop, where all but the robot's head has been sold already. The trio go across the galaxy to locate the other parts, at places like a flea market, a Playboy Mansion-esque place, a frat party, a casino boat, and a hospital orphanage, where Bender saws the legs off a young robot. [that made me sad, but Bender taking the kid's cart and then tossing it moments later really made me gasp.]
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Bender keeps looking for his derriere, but it sank in a shipwreck. [water in space. always so complicated.] A lighthouse keeper helps them recover the part, but they soon learn that it's more reflective than the mirrors in the lighthouse, so Bender allows the guy to keep it in an attempt to stop so many ships from crashing there. [huge cobwebs? a skeleton? how long has it been?!? these things don't form overnight!] But, when the keeper reads Bender's butt a Bible passage, it breaks free and returns to Bender, saving a boy from a well along the way. [haha, the fireworks were crashing spaceships!]
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