Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Under the Dome: Running Low on Supplies...

It is about time there was looting! Maybe I've lived in more bad areas than Stephen King, but with no power, limited supplies, and very few law enforcement officers, nobody has started stealing stuff until now? Sure, small towns tend to have nice people and all, but it seems implausible and contrived that people would start stealing food the same time others would be hoarding medicine. Add in the fact that the water supply dwindles at the same moment, and the drama to ensue is more movie-of-the-week than anything else. Of course, nothing has come of Barbie's cigarette purchase a few days ago yet, which was done solely because he knew there would be a run on the cancer sticks. Similarly, Joe and Norrie being the first ones to start going through the homes of those who may be outside the Dome seems odd... surely a true criminal would have thought of that? Or, again, perhaps I just can't fathom how "good" the people in small towns must be...

Under the Dome "The Endless Thirst" (S01E06): Angie hits Junior with a snow globe to escape, and eventually gets to the diner where she tells Rose about the past few days. Elsewhere, everyone else is wondering why the missile didn't even crack the Dome, and nobody has an answer. [well, it is difficult to explain!] However, the frequencies are now jammed for both the radio station and the police walkie-talkies. Dodee builds a contraption to try locating the power source for the Dome, and she and Julia learn that it's Norrie and Joe. The teens admit to their strange seizures, and Julia keeps Dodee from telling anyone. [and then Julia turns to Barbie for comfort? hmmm...] It also seems that, if Joe and Norrie touch the Dome together, the frequencies unjam.

Alice becomes delusional from not taking her insulin and steps into the road, causing a semi-truck to crash into the water tower when it swerves to avoid her. [how very unfortunate.] Linda and Barbie (who is now officially a cop assistant) then realize that the lake is contaminated, so there is no more water source for the town. BigJim knows of a secret well and barters some of his propane for access, although the gruff guy wants quite a bit of the gas. [how could someone use as much as this guy wants?] Meanwhile, Alice's condition is grave, as there is no more insulin available. Norrie takes matters into her own hands and looks up the addresses of the other diabetics in town to try and steal their supplies. [I don't know if I would have even though of that!] She manages to get one bottle, though she feels bad taking it from a kid. This is only the beginning of the stealing around town, however, as after store owners decide to take batteries and propane instead of cash (and only allowing people 2L of water each), everything on the shelves begins to be stuffed into backpacks. Next, a pair of brothers busts into Rose's diner to rob the freezer, killing Rose and knocking Angie unconscious. Barbie puts an end to it, but when Linda's car has slashed tires, he lets BigJim take the girl to the hospital.
James Bridges
However, BigJim brings Angie back to his place, asking her to keep quiet about the kidnapping in exchange for promising that Junior will never touch her again and that she can have all the food, money, propane, water, and guns she needs. [I don't know if I'd agree to that...] While this may put an end to Angie's issues, the town's biggest concern is also being solved: it begins raining. And, because it's evaporated water in a micro-climate, it has been filtered and is drinkable. [what luck!]
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