Thursday, July 25, 2013

Under the Dome: Right Place, Right Time

note: Recaps and Remarks are going up later than usual due to Comic-Con and TCA.

After four days, Joe finally wonders where his sister is, and then goes about wandering around town when nobody has seen her. One might think he took his time in worrying about her, but it seems to run in his family, as his mother did not appear in the crowds of visitors. Speaking of which, how did Michael even know that Norrie would be in the Dome? She was traveling when the phenomena occurred, and as he's been absent from her life, it doesn't make sense that he would have any idea, unless he was either stalking her or a list of names was somehow released to the public. On that note, it would be nice to find out more regarding how the rest of the state/country/world is reacting to the Dome! It's understandable that the perspective is not meant to be omnipresent, but this seems to be yet another aspect about this series that just doesn't seem to work all that well. 

Under the Dome "Blue on Blue" (S01E05): The military has returned and buses of friends and family of the people in Chester's Mill arrive. Julia announces it on the radio, and people all over town show up to see their loved ones. Norrie's father shows up with baby pictures, though her mothers previously told her she came from an anonymous donor. [WOW. big news!] Peter's sister comes to show Julia a letter that says to tell Julia he's sorry and she deserves better. [I can't believe that! but I want to know more about how the sister was supposed to be the messenger if there was no Dome...] Linda struggles to tell Rusty about his brother. [she puts Barbie in charge of making sure nobody touches the Dome and then she runs right up to it??!? way to set a good example...] Phil's sister comes to see him, Ben talks to random people to learn what's going on outside the Dome, and Dodee uses ASL to communicate with someone.

Barbie asks Dodee to use her lip-reading skills to find out what's going on from a soldier who recognizes his "jack rabbit" famous unit in Iraq. [that was a terrible story, by the way! I wonder how it comes off in the novel...] It seems that the military changed their plans when a bunch of butterflies landed on the Dome, because if it has magnetic fields that might affect insect migration patterns, there's a problem. Combine that with the Reverend's claim that he's hearing the Dome say "Moab," and Barbie fears that a missile, the MOAB (Mother of All Bombs), will be launched at them. Julia adds in some information that she overheard on the radio frequencies and they figure out that the plan will come into effect at 1:15pm. [So... the characters got lucky that they all had skills and pieces to the puzzle? doubtful.] As fewer than three hours remain until then, BigJim, Julia, Barbie, and Linda begin getting people down into the cement tunnels, as that's the deepest place in town. [it's 10:15 in the morning at this point? was "visiting day" like two hours long??] 

Angie is still in the bunker, as BigJim doesn't believe that Junior was holding her prisoner. [are you KIDDING me?? He didn't free her???] BigJim also authorizes Junior, now wearing a police uniform and driving a police car, to recruit auxiliary officers. With the end possibly upon them, Jim frees Angie and apologizes for his son's behavior, but Junior immediately hunts her down once more. [hate that kid!] Over in the cement tunnels, Phil plays Beethoven to "keep the folks mellow," then Skeeter Davis. Barbie returns Phil's grandfather's watch, which had been lost in a bet. [what, exactly, is causing Barbie to have this change of heart in "profession" ??] Norrie's mothers realize that Norrie and Joe are missing, so Julia and Barbie get out another way and go looking for them. They don't find them before the bomb goes off, but it doesn't affect the Dome anyway. Instead, the kids decide to kiss as the missile comes into sight, trying to test Joe's theory that their  seizures are the Dome trying to communicate with them, but when they're together, they get feedback from being too close. This time, there are no issues with them being near one another. 

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Although the Dome does not even fracture, everything outside the barrier is decimated. The reverend tells BigJim that he must repent, but BigJim just presses the Reverend's ear against the Dome, using the guy's hearing aid to kill him. [gruesome!]
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