Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Under the Dome: The Bad Begins

For the record, the dome has been in place for three days and before anyone panics about being without food, electricity, or a water source, there's an epidemic? The town has been low on medical supplies and professionals for three days and an APB wasn't put out for any trained personnel to assist? Norrie is the only one concerned about eating, and Carolyn is the first to consider hoarding supplies? It all seems a little too much like a fantasy, especially after the military packs up to leave the perimeter. That said, although the townspeople seem largely unconcerned about their seclusion, the meningitis outbreak is likely only the first of the bad things to come. And, now that Junior's kidnapping has been discovered and Joe and Norrie have learned more about their "seizures," it seems that evil may be all over the horizon.

Under the Dome "Outbreak" (S01E04): The DJ and Linda both feel ill, and are brought to the hospital, along with other townspeople who are unconscious. There's a severe lack of doctors, so Alice, one of Norrie's mothers, starts practicing there after performing bloodwork and other tests on Norrie and Joe before devoting her time to the ill. [forget triage, her kid comes first...] There are no masks or gloves, and very few antibiotics, so once Alice realizes that it's meningitis, and the situation is severe.
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BigJim asks Junior not to let anyone leave the hospital as he and Barbie go in search of supplies. [are the two men assuming they're not carriers of the disease?] The pharmacy has been raided and BigJim suspects the reverend, who pours pills into a fire, believing that it's God's will if people die. [oh geez. he's one of THOSE ministers...] Julia desperately wants to leave the hospital to keep exploring her husband's disappearance, as she had earlier followed Barbie's map to the DJ's trailer, where she learns that the DJ bought Dr. Shumway's car. So, after Junior shares that he found Barbie at a cabin a few days earlier, she finds her husband's swipe card and lets herself out of the building, heading straight to the cabin. After some searching, she uncovers some documents showing that her house is in foreclosure and that the Shumways were broke, but then falls prey to the epidemic. Barbie later finds her hallucinating, and brings her to the hospital. After she recovers, Barbie tells her that he worked as an enforcer for a bookie in a nearby town and that Peter must have been on the run from him, and she tells him that he can't stay in her home any longer. [where's he going to stay now?] Barbie asks the DJ what he told Julia, and we learn that her husband was looking for a hitman.

Back to Junior. Before he was tasked with quarantining the hospital, he was stabbed by Angie, who had a pair of scissors hidden. This only makes him restrain her more before heading off to the hospital for his wounded hand. There, Joe asked him if he had seen Angie, but Junior won't give a straight answer. [it's about time Joe wonders about his sister's whereabouts!] With BigJim away, Junior does a good job at calming the townspeople, and Linda witnesses his efforts, deciding to give him some law enforcement authority. [are things that bleak already?] However, Linda may need to renege on that, as BigJim finds Angie after her screams for help came through the pipes. Luckily, although there was already a few feet of water from a broken pipe, Angie was still okay, albeit very cold. Oh, and BigJim also has to deal with the fact that the reverend has washed his hands of the propane scam and passed on his share of the profits. [this part of the story still needs some more information...]

While all of that is going on for the day, Joe and Norrie decide to touch again to see if they can trigger the seizures and film their experience. It works and they watch the video, realizing that they're possessed and probably shouldn't tell anyone. [where was Carolyn all day??] Joe then invites Norrie's family to stay with him. [they pretty much have to agree, otherwise they're leaving a teenager unsupervised...]
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