Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Under the Dome: Searching

Junior's bedside manner leaves much to be desired, but the fact that his father shows little concern proves that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Junior's malicious attitude toward Julia when he learns that she had been following him certainly indicated that he might have gotten violent had the situation been a little different. The theme of searching (for a way out, for a missing man, for your daughter, for a girlfriend...) is a bit funny when you recall the limited amount of hiding places in an enclosed area. The bigger struggle, however, is to keep in mind just how slowly the time is passing... nobody is panicked about food shortages yet, and life without power only stays pleasant for so long, so the "big deals" made out of little things right now will probably swiftly change to real problems. 

Under the Dome "Manhunt" (S01E03): BigJim organizes a search party for Paul and asks Barbie to help, which turned out to be a great idea as he immediately suggests that the pack was following a "dummy trail." [good eye!] Barbie soon admits to being a veteran. When they get close to Paul, he shoots at them, halving the size of their group. Fortunately, Linda is also out searching, and she ends up being the one who shoots him when he corners BigJim and Barbie. [but why was she alone?]

Michael Tackett
BigJim sees Junior's face and asks about his injury - he says Barbie did it, but BigJim just tells his son to toughen up. [really? he wasn't upset at all?] Junior tells Angie that the dome is making her act weird, so she suggests trying to get out via the tunnels in the old cement factory, as the dome may not go that deep. [I know nothing about cement factories, but why were there tons of underground tunnels??] Junior heads for the place, with Julia hot on his trail. They eventually hit the edge of the Dome anyway, and Julie uses the direction of flickering flames to find their way out (the flashlight busted when its batteries went near the dome). [Junior's pessimism was disturbing. he needs to see someone.] Junior tells Julia that Barbie is a psychopath who attacked him for no reason, so she gets suspicious and looks through Barbie's things, finding a map. [I can't believe that they spent their final match talking!] Back in the bunker, Junior has Angie apply first aid to his hands (he repeatedly banged them against the dome) and she hides the scissors from the box.

Joe shows some other teens the video of the freak shooting where the bullet from Paul's gun bounces off the dome to kill Rusty's brother. Norrie shows up, hiding her past and family life while flirting with Joe. Soon, it's a party over there because he has a generator that's charging cell phones, mp3 players, and other electronic devices. [are the adults also having a "charging party" somewhere?] It's not long before the generator blows and the house empties out, leaving just Joe and a few friends to try repairing the machine. One of Norrie's moms arrives in search of her daughter, just in time to see Joe and Norrie have seizures and start chanting.
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