Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mistresses: Working Hard for the Money?

Mistresses has a certain Friends quality to it, in that the characters all have jobs but seemingly come and go as they please, instead prioritizing their friendships over their careers. Sure, Savi and Karen seem to have less flexibility than Joss and April, but all four of them can take a call at a moment's notice! This is probably how they manage to share a breakfast in the backyard.
Still, viewers do get glimpses into the women's work lives, which is particularly interesting because April and Joss seem to force drama to happen there, and Karen and Savi just have it come naturally. April's part of the series also seems to force her daughter's role, but let's save that for another day...

Mistresses "Payback" (S01E06):
Savi: Harry won't respond to her, despite what she does. She thinks she should quit her job and change firms, but after a great interview, she's not sure if that will help things or not. Dominic discourages her from leaving the firm, and she tells him that she's pregnant with Harry's baby. Savi suspects that Harry is sleeping with his hostess, but when she confronts him, he denies it. [The restaurant is called "Savannah's Kitchen" - somehow I hadn't noticed that before.]

Joss: Everyone has to stay late at work because Joss encouraged her coworkers to goof off and watch an adult film being shot nearby. [she certainly finds herself in the oddest situations!] She goes snooping in Savi's drawers, where she finds What to Expect When You're Expecting. [I think Joss jumped to conclusions... some people definitely own this book before actually conceiving!] She tells April, who asks Savi to clue in her sister. As a result, Savi comes clean to her... about everything. [she kinda had to, and seeing Joss's reactions was funny!]

April: She tells her friends that she slept with Richard in the store. They later try to go on a date, but it's postponed when he can't get a sitter, and then again when Miranda shows up. The Floridian isn't happy with monthly checks for $100, forcing April to sell part of the store in order to pay a lump sum. [April is still such a pushover!] 

Karen: She tells Savi that she turned over her notes about Thomas wanting to end his life, then worries that Thomas's wife hasn't called the attorneys. She learns that the woman has taken off for an extended stay in Italy. [random. and probably not a good sign.] Her office is broken into, and her computer was used. Because of this, Karen tells her associate that she thinks someone wants her files, but when she won't divulge more, he gets upset about the livelihood of the practice. [she did only offer very vague information!] She later learns that Sam has been in her apartment, so perhaps he broke into her office, too.
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