Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mistresses: Savi and Joss Get Clean, Karen and April Worry

Does anyone else think that Savi dresses really young? Between the amount of cleavage she shows and the girlish way she wears her hair, I'd totally believe her to be like 25. Her face definitely pushes her up toward 40, though. But, Joss doesn't seem to look or act older than 30 or 32, so how old is Savi supposed to be? I think April has been established to be at least 35, given that she had been with her husband for 20 years, and he's already been gone for several. I guess it doesn't matter, as her age is irrelevant when she admits to cheating on her husband. What makes her tell the truth, I don't know... I guess the guilt just got to be too much for her... either that or the results are going to take so long to come in that she wouldn't be able to "just find out" her gestation status when the truth comes out. I could see this series going either way... either making the baby to be Dominic's for more drama or Harry's after a lot of suspense and agony. Any predictions?

Mistresses "Decisions, Decisions" (S01E05):
Joss: She's been sleeping with a guy who is really into cartoon, so she takes every opportunity to hang out with Alex. Alex takes their friendship up to a friends-with-benefits level when she hops into the shower with her real estate agent, though. [I was surprised that Joss didn't at least hesitate a little bit or something!] Later, when Joss goes to help Alex pack, Sally suspects that Alex instigated the break-up because she is into Joss. [oooh... ouch.]
Savi: After Harry thinks Savi's breath is metallic, he suspects pregnancy and buys a home test. When she goes to take it, however, she experiences some bleeding, which signifies to Harry that she's not expecting. She does, however, see her doctor, who says that nothing is wrong, though her blood pressure and heart rate are rather high. [high in general or high for her? the doctor should have been able to tell if any new stresses were added based off of old records...] After this, she decides to come clean to Harry. [why now??!??]

April: Her business manager says that she has less money than she thought, but the bigger problem is that Lucy skipped school to go to a bookstore to get an autograph. [flashback to DJ and Kimmy at the record store on Full House, haha!] Lucy tells her mother that it was the greatest hour of her life, making April feel bad that she always plays by the rules. [nothing wrong with that!]

Karen: She's given a spot on a big panel, but the bigger problem is that she needs to submit all sorts of notes about Thomas. She claims doctor-patient confidentiality prevents her from doing so, then asks Thomas's wife about what might have sparked this "criminal investigation." The wife has decided to just drop her desire to get Thomas's life insurance money, and she wants Karen to fabricate notes that suggest Thomas as suicidal. After some initial refusal, she does. [...and I've lost all respect for Karen at this point, even though she hardly started with any!]
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