Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cake Boss: The She-Hulk and a Proposal

I didn't realize that there were careers where your main job is to plan proposals for others. I guess it's kinda like a pregnancy concierge... if you pay enough, you can get anything. I'll have to tell my sister that this exists, as she's about to start her final semester in college to become an event planner. Anyway, this wasn't the most exciting episode (unless you're really into proposals, which I know a lot of TLC's audience probably is), and the one cake we did see the crew work on was rather hideous. But, maybe if you're into bodybuilding, you enjoyed it?

The Cake Boss "Muscles and Marriage" (S06E10): A female bodybuilder wants a cake shaped like her with everything she likes but hasn't been able to eat. [tilapia and asparagus for every meal for two months?? I really like those two together, but that's ridiculous!] So, Buddy builds it to include carrot, red velvet, vanilla, and chocolate cake. [oh, this is fun. I'd do vanilla, red velvet, banana, and pumpkin!] They add candy and nuts, along with some cheesecake filling. To build the woman, however, Ralph went "too big" at first and had to cut it down, though it still looked masculine. Buddy fixes that by adding roses, drapes, and bling. 
Image Credit: DCL
A proposal planner, Sarah, and one of her clients, Mike, talk to Mauro about rigging a class so that Mike could propose during a baking class at Carlo's. Sarah would "plant" all of the students, and each would use a different monogram letter on their cake to spell out "Will you marry me?" [cute idea, but that's gotta be really costly!] Mauro moderates the class but wears an earpiece so Sarah can help direct things as needed. [did she really need like four assistants when all they did was watch from another room??] Things go pretty smoothly throughout, but at the last minute, the soon-to-be-groom jumps the shark and gets down on one knee before the cakes are turned to read "will you marry me?" [and Mauro was the one who had to comment on that, LoL.]
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