Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Goodwin Games: Little Things Matter

So, of the promising new network series (the top and the second tier) from this past year, this was a big winner for me. The only others that even dared to compare were The New Normal and Guys with Kids, two NBC series which were canceled. Had The Goodwin Games aired a full 22 episodes, I might be singing a different tune, but with the seven that did see the light of day, I loved the writing, the jokes, the premise, and the characters. The only thing that fell short for me was the editing, but I suspect that's because the production folks already knew this wasn't getting far. This episode, originally the fifth in the series, was directed by Neil Patrick Harris, who tweeted support for the comedy several times since last Novemeber. Not too much happens in this one, though the kids really begins to realize what an impact little things have in their lives... Henry needs to be at the top of every game, Chloe needs to work through obstacles instead of run from them, and Jimmy needs to think about others. It ain't likely that we'll see more of the Goodwins, but it's not officially off forever, so let's keep The Goodwin Games in the back of our minds a little bit longer... 

The Goodwin Games "The Box" (S01E07): Jimmy and Chloe sneak around the house in the morning with their significant others, trying to avoid Henry, though he eventually learns about both relationships. [I thought that was really cute. especially the toast part!] The kids are soon eating together when they receive a message to head to April's office to see the latest video. Each receives a riddle, and Chloe jumps to conclusions when she starts unraveling hers. [Jimmy's: "Pokey, poky steeplechase. Answer this to win the race." Chloe's: "Trouble, I've another spy. Chloe, find him. Fly, goose, fly." Henry's: "Green potato, rancid cow. Old wild shoe, who's sorry now?"]
Ray Mickshaw/FOX
See, Chloe discovered that April has been helping her park at school every day to make sure Chloe didn't blow off class due to a small obstacle. [wow... Chloe really sucks at life if that would cause her to stop going to class!] This causes Chloe to wonder what else in her life is being controlled by her father, so she reads her riddle to mean that Ivan is a "spy" in her life, just like April. ["trouble Iv(e)an | other spy"] She winds up calling things off with him, just as Henry is asked to take some time off work because he's overtired. [some great acting there!] Turns out, the riddles are just a "gotcha," so Chloe makes up with Ivan, only to have him dump her. Still, she perseveres and says that she won't bail again, and he kisses her.
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