Thursday, June 6, 2013

NEW SHOW: Mistresses

I can't believe that it has been over a year since I selected this series as a "maybe" for the 2012-2013 season. I was interested because it included Alyssa Milano and because the premise seemed downright unsuccessful... how often do you get a winner out of a mostly-female cast? (Desperate Housewives aside, of course.) Well, after the pilot, the best word to describe my mindset is "confused." Before the opening titles even aired, I was bored. All of the sex got annoying, and I was struggling to figure out who was who, and what the relationships were between the characters. Of course, the drama tries to confuse you with Savi and Harry acting like strangers when they're actually spouses. About halfway through the episode, I was intrigued, mainly due to a sense of wonder regarding how these women all live these lives. And, the end scenes, pulling from future episodes this season, interested me enough to reel me in for another episode, though I sincerely hope that the opening ten minutes are much better, or else the channel-changers will surely kill this one in its tracks.
Mistresses "Pilot" (S01E01): [I'm going to break it down by character at this point.]
Savi, a lawyer, meets Harry, a chef, at a bar, where he pretends to be unmarried. [this type of thing intrigues me but not enough to actually try it.] In reality, it's just to get in the mood for ovulation sex. Six weeks later, Harry's sperm aren't ideal to penetrate an egg, and they have low motility, so he gets depressed. [awww.] This is only made worse when Savi tries to "spice things up" and buy new lingerie. When her coworker, Dominic, sees the edge of it, he offers to finish a project for her if she lets him see the bottom of her lingerie for five seconds. [gross.] She later sleeps with him. [I knew it was coming and still wasn't ready for that.]

Josslyn, a real estate agent and Savi's sister, is having such a torrid affair with Mac that he puts in a bid on a place for their love "nest." [are you serious??] Well, Josslyn realizes that's a bad idea and moves into Savi's poolhouse.

April, a boutique owner with a daughter named Lucy, believes that her husband's ghost has been calling her. It haunts her so badly that she can't even bring herself to go on a date three years after he passed away. [yikes!] Then, she learns that the "ghost" is actually a woman who had an affair with April's husband and had a child with him. [holy cow!]

Karen, a therapist, had dropped off the radar with her friends in recent months. She was having an affair with a patient who died, but she quickly becomes paranoid when the deceased's son starts looking for his father's mistress. [so weird.] When she denies that it's her, he asks her out! [I totally don't get why he does that...] Plus, Karen wrote her lover a lethal dose of medication that could indict her, but she's really just more upset that the guy preferred to be with his wife during his final moments rather than with her. [twisted mind she has!] She finally decides to listen to the advice of her friends and stay away from the family, though she also goes ahead and deletes and shreds anything related to him as a patient. 
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