Thursday, June 6, 2013

RETURNING: Melissa & Joey: Joe as a Teacher...

I've come to realize that I watch this show for the adult characters way more than the teenagers. Is that weird? I think that Melissa and Joey are really funny and their characters have the craziest lines and plot points, but not yet too unbelievable to be annoying. And, although knocks at Florida State anger me, the jokes tend to be timely and humorous. Of course, that's not to say this is a perfect sitcom, because it definitely isn't. For one, there's always something going on with the looks of the main characters... Joe's new hairstyle for this season and Lennox's pink/red splotches both caught me off-guard, as did Ryder's height now!
Complaints aside, I'm intrigued as far as what the outlined plots will mean for this season... a lot of Ryder at home and a lot of Lennox exploring her independence, I guess... any thoughts?

Melissa & Joey "Works for Me" (S03E01): Joe gets a new job offer, but it's unfortunately another nanny position so he's disappointed. [I would be, too!] He realizes that the kids are getting older and he's not needed as much anymore, but Mel tries to convince him to stay by creating work for him to do. Well, the busywork isn't needed for long, as Ryder soon creates full-time work for Joe... the teen smoked pot on a school camping trip and has been suspended for three months! [I giggled at Mel's reaction that he should have denied the accusation, but it felt wrong to laugh...]

Lennox's artsy boyfriend, Zander, starts sketching people besides her, like a girl at a coffeeshop, causing some jealousy. [stupid "easier" joke!] Turns out, Lennox's spirit is just too difficult to capture on a page! [barf.]

Melissa & Joey "Toxic Parents" (S03E02): Mel and Joe are both happy with their current significant others, until it turns out that they're dating a divorced couple! [what guy rolls up the cuffs of his jeans??] It's only a matter of time before the exes start causing problems for Mel and Joe, especially when they care for the son of the broken marriage. They get the kid stuck in a storm drain in the park, and that ends the relationships for everyone. [it was kind of horrible.]

Ryder is not in love with homeschool and isn't really trying, until he decides to build a school out of cardboard boxes as an art project. [...whoa.]

Lennox is upset that Zander thinks he can tell her not to get a tattoo. She decides to get one anyway, but he manages to talk her out of it at the last minute. [I was shocked that the parlor didn't bother IDing her or anything...] 
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