Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Goodwin Games: Granby is a Small Town

I still think this is a cute show. These two episodes definitely made viewers realize what a change it is for the siblings to live in Granby, NH again, what with its similarity to Stars Hollow and the fact that everybody knows everybody. I especially enjoyed the double-play on "Small Town" including the miniature that Jimmy worked on with his father. I found it adorable and it was clear that Henry and Chloe were also fawning over it.
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I still don't understand why Lucinda seems to be a main character, but I'm enjoying the repeated appearances of Elijah! On the same note, it was really tidy of Jimmy and Chloe not to have steady jobs that would require a prompt return to work, but at least Henry's escape from the hospital was done in a believable manner. I'm starting to wonder if this will be the cancellation of the year that makes me the saddest... is anyone out there tuning in for this one? 

The Goodwin Games "Welcome Home, Goodwins" (S01E02): Chloe decides to throw a rager and invites all her old friends (including April, whom we see flashback-shunned yet again), but nobody shows up. At the bar, the female Goodwin learns perhaps she wasn't as popular as she thought. [that's gotta be rough. :(] 

Jimmy creates a distraction, steals a construction uniform, then grabs some sporting goods. Turns out, one of his old buddies, Keith, became a cop, so it's only a matter of time before he's close to caught. [exactly where did Jimmy move to avoid these small-town-thief problems? Boston? Portland? given that there is no Granby in New Hampshire (though there is one in Vermont!), it's hard to judge distances, but it seems a bit unbelievable that he hasn't had this problem before.] To knit the town even closer, Keith is dating Lucinda, shocking Henry. Speaking of Henry, he deals with a two-hour commute while telling his fiance by saying he wants to reconnect with his siblings. [and, yes, I also doubt Kate's existence.]

Another round of the Goodwin Games video continues to show that their father knows them, and he orders the kids to watch out for one another. So, they come together and solve one another's problems... Henry gives Jimmy money, Chloe and Henry return the stuff Jimmy stole, and Jimmy helps Chloe throw a party. [weird but sweet.]

The Goodwin Games
"Small Town" (S01E03): [ugly jacket on Chloe!] Jimmy wants to go fishing, but Henry heads to work. Chloe follows him and asks his boss for time off, and soon learns that Henry was offered a paid month off but he's just a workaholic. [wow!] Chloe doesn't share that same attachment to LA, as she learns that her roommate rented out her room and let her stuff get stolen. [omg!] But, Chloe is determined to make sure Jimmy doesn't rejoin criminal life, so she decides to spend an entire day joined at her younger brother's hip, but he gives her the slip AND steals their mother's watch, which Chloe had commandeered. Turns out, Jimmy was working on a miniature version of the town and used the watch for the clocktower.

Smaller notes: Elijah shows up driving Henry's dream car and with custom plates. Chloe tries to take a yoga class but finds it very conventional. [ridiculous, really.]
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