Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Little People, Big World: Matt & Amy Dating?

First, I find it amusing that Zach's girlfriend, Tori, is now pictured with the family in an official photo.
She was only in one scene of the episode, where she and Zach have dinner with Matt and Amy, and Zach suggests that his parents focus more on their own relationship that what's going on with the kids. It didn't feel forced to be included, but it did set the stage for most of the "action" of the episode. It seems that the producers really like Zach (maybe in the same way that the folks over at 19 Kids and Counting like Josh?), as he appeared a second time, attempting to spend more time with younger brother Jacob. Part of that felt like it came out of nowhere, but otherwise it just seemed sweet that Zach would take the time to hang out with his younger sibling. Of course, it just made the thirty seconds with Molly and Jeremy seem shorter, but I suspect that a holiday special was expected but nothing exciting came about and it was scrapped.

Little People, Big World "Separation Anxiety" (Special): Matt is still brainstorming more projects around the property, but Amy thinks that her husband needs to chill. Without building more, he'd still like to change the carpet and various other things in the main house, but he gets upset that Amy isn't bothered by clutter. [we have this problem in my house a little bit, too. having three purses near the coat rack doesn't seem excessive to me, but I can agree that it's cluttered when my purses all have a place to live in another room.] When the kids are home for winter break, the family decides to get rid of some of the packrat junk around the house, and then Matt hires a cleaning person and gets new carpet. [Amy's reaction to the new carpet was strange.]

At Zach's suggestion, Matt and Amy try dating again, but they don't have a lot in common. He doesn't like line dancing or bowling like she does, she gets annoyed when he spends time on his phone at dinner or complains about the menu. They both admit they think of "calling it quits," and Matt turns to his friends for advice. They try a weekend retreat to Mount Shasta, complete with a ride on a caterpillar-type-vehicle up a ski hill, but it doesn't really solve anything after they return. [hmmm...]
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