Friday, June 7, 2013

Family Tools: Dating, Driving, Showering, Graduating

Eh. This show is starting to be less interesting, which is especially sad when it hasn't been on very long. There are only a few episodes left, so I'll go ahead and finish it out, but I am sad to admit that I'm glad it was canceled... just not enough excitement in it. The first two episodes really tried to feel out too many different offerings, and the ones I liked aren't the ones that stuck. I know that many comedies don't have the recurring scenarios that dramas do, but I feel like they're giving up on what could be greatness. Anyway, here's to hoping that Leah Remini can find a better project!

Family Tools "Book Club Romance" (S01E04): Terry and her friends have a book club meeting, but one of her friends, Beverly is more interested in Tony. Jack forces him into calling her, then has a sex talk with his father before the two go to dinner. [can you imagine such a thing? especially about "manscaping" ??] On the actual date, Tony doesn't know much about what to do because it's been a long time since he's dated. [awww.] When Jack and Darren are out working, they spy Beverly with another man, and Jack hesitates to tell his father. Jack turns to Stitch for advice, and she suggests that they just get Tony to date other women as well. [really? I must put more focus on exclusivity than most people.] When that doesn't work out, Jack tries to talk to Beverly, but she thinks that he wants her, too! [obnoxious.] Things soon fall apart when another guy comes to the door, but Tony does thank Jack for doing a little bit of meddling in his love life. [interesting to watch Tony appreciate his son's efforts.]

Mason wants to learn to drive, but Terry claims she's too busy to teach him. As soon as Jack offers to teach him instead, Terry agrees to take him driving. [haha!] However, all she lets him do is back down the driveway. So, Darren takes Mason on his next lesson, but teaches him to "drive sexy" rather than safely. [hilarious!] Lesson three goes similarly, though the big lesson is on losing tails. And, before you know it, Terry is having her son switch seats with her to avoid tickets! [I would not have agreed to do that!]

Family Tools "Waiting for Mrs. Bichette" (S01E05): The shower is having problems, but Tony won't fix it promptly and Jack isn't allowed to touch it. [of course.] In fact, Tony works on a miniature chalet instead of the real shower. [this struck me as odd...] Well, Terry winds up hiring someone to fix the shower, but when Tony freaks out, Terry makes it worse, hoping to force Tony into fixing it. In the end, Tony winds up admitting that he doesn't know how to fix it. [I'm surprised!] 
ABC/Randy Holmes
Stitch, who knows Mandarin, is about to graduate as valedictorian from community college. [hahaha. what college has such a thing?] She wishes that her mother would be able to attend the ceremony, so Jack becomes obsessed with locating the woman. Well, turns out that she isn't the humanitarian that Darren has been claiming, and Stitch finally learns the truth. [that must be rough!]

Darren has a lot more going on, though, as he's being stalked by Clarissa, who starts to seem more and more dangerous, carrying around rope and duct tape, then handcuffs and a taser. [strange.]
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