Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cake Boss: Fire and Ice

Rather than play on some contrived alliterative title, "Fire and Ice" encapsulates both cakes appearing in this episode. With one, the customer specifically wants a "fire and ice theme," but in the other, firefighters saved a man from icy mud. Of course, this means that the two cakes were probably made at very different times (and, note the absence of Paul), but that's not bothersome when you consider one of Buddy's comments. When working against Ashley, he mentions that "I'd rather die trying than lose to her." Sure, he's a competitive guy and has 20 years more experience more than she does so he doesn't want to be shown up, but it's a pretty hefty statement for a guy who has four children and runs a large company. But, maybe he's making changes all around, as we did see him asking the employees' opinions on the design of both cakes, which is not something he commonly does.

The Cake Boss "Fire and Ice" (S06E12): Two brothers from a supper club ask for a cake for a theme party, with a Fire and Ice theme. The group thinks two different cakes would be good, and Ashly winds up taking on Buddy for a four-hour competition. She does the Ice cake, utilizing isomalt, while he does the fire cake, spending a good chunk of the time working on his utilization of fire, even putting glue on a board to see if he can get it to burn nicely. The bakery votes Buddy's to be better, though Ashley does receive a few votes. [not only is Buddy's clearly a better cake, but hers was so simplistic and puny next to it that I would have been upset to receive these as a customer! why not bulk up the Ice cake somehow?]
A subway worker got stuck in icy mud 75 feet below ground level for four hours, and it took about 150 firefighters to get him out. Several of the first responders were injured in the process, so the survivor wants a fancy cake to thank everyone. [loved the helmets, patches, and bronze statues!]
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