Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cake Boss: Hoboken and Ridgewood

I see that we're back to the alliterative titles... that's nice. But, it seemed forced, as "rebuilds" is a little bit of a stretch, don't you think? On the flip side, I've been happy with seeing the organization of the new location and all of the problems that go along with that. I hope there's also a little bit about the Manhattan location, even if there's no baking on-site there. Though, I have been wondering who is watching all of the children while the entire family is at the Ridgewood location, LoL. And, speaking of questions I have, did you guys notice that Anthony has a bald spot already? Because I totally didn't! I was definitely shocked at how well the airbrushing worked! I bet it made his head sticky, though... 

The Cake Boss "Rebuilds & Raw Fish" (S06E05): Tourism is down and the bakery is down 40% in business, so when the Hoboken mayor asks Buddy to make a cake for a sandy recovery fundraiser, he's excited about it. The clocktower is a symbol of the city, so it's a major part of the cake. [then why was it so little in the first round? And, surely it must have been fake the second time... they wouldn't have had time to carve that, would they?] For the bottom tier, lights and old photos of the city really reunite everyone with the past. Then, Ralph paints a mural on another layer. Thank goodness that "Lackawanna" was misspelled (missing an 'n'), as that forced the employees to come together and make a new version in the final hour. ["Garden St." didn't look great.] They unexpectedly auction the cake. [why in the world would you buy a cake that you're going to share with everyone there anyway??]
A family who owns two hibachi steakhouses (Mt. Fuji) want to do a cake that looks like a sushi boat. Buddy agrees to do it but wants to cook on the hibachi in return. [a bit of an odd request, but I'm not surprised.] Mary brings in all kinda of sushi for lunch, and they load up the wasabi on some pieces of salmon nigiri to give to Ashley and Anthony. [ha!] The final cake impresses everyone. [I thought the tuna didn't look the most realistic...] Buddy gets behind the grill, where he clangs the utensils, builds the onion volcano, and tries flipping a shrimp into his hat.

The Cake Boss "Seeing Double" (S06E06): The Ridgewood location is getting ready to open, and if it's successful, hopefully many more locations will be in Carlo's future. Everyone pitches in to clean, test the ovens, and brainstorm. The main problem is coming up with ways to pick up smaller orders, as the average person now thinks that they only handle huge projects. [they are a bit pricey, especially in the northeast where there's so many competitors!] So, Buddy wants to make a bunch of dummy cakes for display to show that they make cakes for small occasions, and it takes a lot of time to arrange the displays. To top it off, a blizzard is set to blow in the day before the grand opening. [I actually don't know how that works out for them...]

Twins Debbie and Lisa want a cake for their mother's 70th birthday, but they can't agree on the look. One thinks that it should be classy, purple, and have butterflies. The other thinks it should be more "fun" and have English bulldogs. They also argue over the flavor, but in the end compromise is key, and Mary figures it out. [I think that the petal ruffles looked better before they were steamed.] Mary, her husband, and her children (twins themselves) deliver the cake. [rare sighting of Joe, her husband!]
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