Monday, June 10, 2013

RETURNING: Falling Skies: Big Changes All Over

I've had some ups and downs with this series, but it bothers me to no end that it's on for less than three months before we have to go the bulk of the year without Falling Skies. And, to make matters worse, airing two episodes at a time only makes the season seem shorter. That said, a lot seems to have happened off-season, and I'm not sure how I feel about missing seven months of the show, though we are getting updates about the events that occurred. Surely we'll find out more about how Hal was paralyzed, Tom's presidency, and Matt's hatred of school, but I can't say I'm happy about how. Also, what's with Hershey's Kisses being a sponsor? The idea that someone would accept a piece of chocolate over a kiss when you might die any minute is a bit absurd if you're beyond the seventh grade. What did everyone else think of the return of Falling Skies?
James Dittiger
Falling Skies "On Thin Ice" (S03E01): Matt places a few explosives that phase the aliens so the soldiers can infiltrate an area and save about 25 harnessed kids. [that's a huge walkie-talkie... worse than the days of the Zack Morris cell phone!] Glass now has technology from the aliens so that she can remove the harnesses safely. [that's good!] Tom is the President of Charleston now, and in addition to the aliens/skitters/mecs, he has to worry about a spy in his ranks, though that does show the aliens are getting worried. Manchester was working on solving the spy problem, using Anthony as a detective, but the old leader is killed while Glass is in labor. [awww.] Glass births Alexis Denise, who has more strength than the average newborn. [super creepy!]

Hal was paralyzed a few months ago and is still working to regain use of his legs. However, at night he dreams of being with Karen in the woods, and he may have had a bug implanted into his cerebral cortex. [the technology in futuristic series can take such liberties!] Maggie has stayed by his side, though she finds it strange that there's mud on Hal's boots one morning. [so either somebody was stealing them or he secretly can walk?]

The Leader of the Rebel Skitters wants to meet with Tom, with Matt as the go-between. Another race of creatures is coming and Karen is the new alien overlord. Not to worry, though, as there's a clandestine underground tunnel that leads to a WMD. [Weaver really didn't know?]

Oh, and Pope thinks about moving on from Charleston.

Falling Skies
"Collateral Damage" (S03E02): Matt and some friends skip class to play with a bomb in an abandoned house. Of course, they're caught, and Matt is sentenced to two weeks of detention, though he's ready to just drop out of school altogether. [ahhh! He's so young!] He doesn't see how it will "help win the war." After Matt won't listen to Glass, Tom talks to his son and signs him up to rebuild houses.

A plan is put into place to climb down a mountain and attack an area where the aliens power their mecs, but because of a spy, the aliens knew they were coming. A scientist who has been working with radioactive materials is very helpful in the battle. Nonetheless, the fright is brutal, and the rebound will be worse. [that sucks.] 

Maggie wakes up one night to find Hal missing, and she finds him sleepwalking in the woods, where he often meets Karen. When she wakes him, he can't control his legs. [interesting.]

And, Alexis can track with her eyes, say "mama" and move around at a week old, troubling Glass. [crazy! also, Glass is back at work in a week??]
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