Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Goodwin Games: Chloe is Not an Actor

Okay, I'll admit it... this show is a little absurd. Jimmy's smoothie of vodka, dandelions, coleslaw, and margarita mix was one thing, but repeatedly having ostriches in the kitchen is something else!
Jordin Althuas/FOX
I have a feeling this is only the start of it, judging by the name of the next episode, but hopefully the birds don't pull down the show too much. I know that's not asking a lot, as it's not exactly the most popular comedy out there. It also didn't help that there was no video this episode, just a "math problem" of sorts. But, I enjoyed finding out that Chloe's good at more than just Morse code... maybe she'll do well in college after all! Fifteen years late is better than never!

The Goodwin Games "Hamletta" (S01E04): A mathematical puzzle is the newest Goodwin Family clue, and Chloe figures it out faster than Henry. Turns out, their father had enrolled Chloe in Putnam College, hoping that she'd realize she's not a great actress after all. It takes some doing and a visit to her high school drama teacher, but after repeatedly trying to prove that acting is her thing, Chloe realizes how good she is at math. [who would've thought? I did love that Jimmy tried so hard to reassure her, though!]

Other facts: Jimmy read about 1200 books in prison, including 48 on Buddhism. [weird!] Henry's fiance has outsourced planning their wedding to spend more time on her political campaign. This not only leaves Henry to make all of the major decisions with Kate's assistant, but really makes use wonder if Kate misses him at all...
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