Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Switched at Birth: It's Summer, and Ty and Regina are Back

The return of Ty could have been great... but it wasn't. Of course, it wasn't ideal that he kinda came out of nowhere, after we haven't seen or heard anything about him in a really long time. On the flip side, we knew exactly where Regina was and she wasn't even gone six weeks, and she managed to make an absolute mess out of every situation presented! I can be onboard with not wanting Daphne to have a credit card so that she learns the value of money. But telling Bay to work at an amusement park instead of intern at her father's office was crossing the line. Similarly, she returned the vodka to Kathryn graciously and let those around he know they could consume alcohol without upsetting her, but the way she just stormed off to Angelo's was rude. As Kathryn and Daphne continue to grow close, and Toby starting his own life/family, I hope that Bay doesn't get lost in the mix and turn to "bad girl behavior" once more. Speaking of which, I like Emmett and Travis looking for ladies together, don't you?

Switched at Birth "Mother and Child Divided" (S02E11): Daphne interns for John's political office, and, because Bay didn't find a job elsewhere, she is, too. The girls quickly butt heads, and things get worse when Bay's her car breaks down. She stumbles upon Maui, KS, an amusement park, where she runs into Ty. He's back from overseas and knows the owner, so Bay works out a position there all summer, working in games. [working at an amusement park wasn't an option for me as a teen/young adult, but I can certainly see the appeal! My sister is in college and just started at one a few weeks ago, but she lives in Orlando and tourism is a huge employer.]
The void left by Bay goes to Nikki, who has been troubled by how elaborate Kathryn wants to make the rehearsal dinner. In Kathryn's defense, she's really into planning the event only to distract herself from the fact that Toby is rushing into marriage.

Regina left rehab a few days early so that she could keep a summer tradition (visiting the old neighborhood pool on opening day) with Daphne. [I was sad we didn't actually see this happen.] Regina struggles with how much time Daphne spends with the Kennishes now, and is upset that they're paying for her lunches and supplies through a credit card. After a few arguments with the family, Regina decides to move into Angelo's place (he's off trying to track down his baby). Bay is pissed and goes over there to ask why they don't spend more time together... and it seems that they soon shall.

Melody leaves town for a two-day workshop on the principles of principal-ing, and Travis wants to throw a party. Emmett convinces him not to, though Travis does invite over a couple of hearing girls who keep coming by the carwash. The ruse is that they'll "learn some sign language," but only Emmett and Evelyn work on signs. Unfortunately, Melody comes home early to see Travis and Collette making out. She's not too upset, actually, but the bigger deal is that Travis admits to Emmett that he's a virgin. [I believe it. the guy is kinda rough around the edges.]
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