Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Switched at Birth: Everybody has Something Going On!

The vote was for deaf students only to attend Carlton. For a moment there, I was curious as to how this would affect the likes of Bay and Noah. Of course, then it became irrelevant. You know what else seems irrelevant, however? Toby and Nikki getting engaged AND John's opponent dropping out of the race. This forces John to act as a senator (and Kathryn as a senator's wife) and Toby to do SOMETHING on the show. While I initially liked the idea of introducing the political arena on this series, something got twisted along the line and I now don't know how it's going to work. Similarly, I know Toby has had pretty boring storylines since Wilke got sent to military school (like 20 episodes ago!), but I liked the idea of him rebelling against college more than the idea of him diving into marriage as soon as he graduates from high school! These stories are going to need more time, as is the Lana-ran-away-with-the-baby shenanigan, but the only character we're going to set aside to deal with these things is Regina?? The multitude of cliffhangers made for a great mid-season finale, don't you think?

Switched at Birth "Introducing the Miracle" (S02E10)[mid-season finale]: Daphne comes from the building to announce the demands that need to be met for the students to voluntarily stop occupying Carlton. The school must remain open, be comprised of only deaf students, and there will be no recriminations for those involved. [so they dropped fighting for the sports and arts?] The principal tells her that forceful removal is imminent and that they'll be suspended and arrested if they stay. The students decide to stay, because if they're dragged out, it'll all be filmed by television reporters. [why unlock the door at all? why not force the police to break it down?] The reporters ask questions as the students are pulled out, but nobody can hear them except Bay. [that was awkward and ignorant!] Bay talking to the press doesn't help their cause, as she's hearing. [good point!] Still, expulsions don't happen and an assembly is called. Daphne is told in advance that Carlton will remain open but will become 50% hearing, with those students not even required to take ASL. [That kinda really sucks. Also, I love Regina stamping her feet so Daphne knows she wants something when her back is turned.] Daphne, upset that they will "be a ghetto in their own school," pretends to accept it for the good of the school, but her friends disagree, as that's not what they wanted. [I didn't like the two-tone necklace Bay was wearing.] Travis decides to stop going to school, but Daphne quickly talks him out of that. [why was this even a five-second point?]

Related notes: Kathryn is still upset that the girls ruined the play to stage the protest, and Emmett tells Bay that Daphne and Noah were kissing. [lmao Kathryn!] Bay she confronts her boyfriend, who kinda admits that there is more between he and Daphne. [SO WEIRD!]

Regina promises Daphne that she's not drinking, but she continues to drink anyway. When Zane announces that he's going on tour for a few months, she drunkenly stumbles to Angelo's, who quickly puts her to bed and calls Bay. The girls go to get her, but Angelo won't let them. Angelo also asks Adriana to come home, and suggests Regina go to rehab in Minnesota that day via train. [I love it... from "I promise I'm not drinking" to en route to rehab in less than 24 hours.] As Regina packs to leave, Angelo has Bay take Lana to the hospital, as it was initially a doctor's appointment that turned into labor. [yikes!]
Lana can't give up the baby if Angelo doesn't sign over his rights, so they may end up keeping her. [I kinda hate this idea.] Bay gets upset seeing Angelo care for the baby, so she heads home without meeting the newborn. Kathryn talks her into going back to the hospital, but Lana left with the baby, leaving Angelo in the dark.

Less than three days before the elections, John's opponent drops out because her daughter is having issues with being bi-polar. [I like that flag made out of baseballs!] But, John is nervous, as he thought there was no chance he'd win.  

Nikki got a scholarship for a mission trip to teach kids music in Peru for six months. So, Toby proposes. John suspects they just want to get married so they can have sex, then jokes that occupying a high school is better than getting engaged at 18. [hahaha!] Kathryn tells Nikki that Toby isn't ready for that kind of commitment, though he's still scoping out apartments. [I don't know that I agree with Kathryn confronting Nikki.] They're out looking at rings when his parents call to tell him he got accepted into Washington University, about which he seems to be nonchalant. [I seriously don't know how this is going to turn out...]
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