Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Monday Mornings: Stabbed Son, Keeping a Kidney, Mind Minuet

"If you see one new drama this season..." um, isn't it a little late for a line like that, TNT? I mean, even if you just mean the mid-season, pretty much everything has started airing so far, so if you've managed to not see a single new drama for two months, I highly doubt you're going to try this one, six episodes into the season. Also, I didn't understand where the title came in until after the entire episode, when I proceeded to roll my eyes. I won't spoil it up here for you, read on below for that. And, speaking of reading on, I've decided not to give this show up quite yet after all. We're on an episode-to-episode basis, because I liked the sides shown of Napur, Villanueva, Park, AND Buck here.
Martin Schoeller
Monday Mornings "Communion" (S01E06): Villanueva's son, Nick, has been stabbed and he wants to assist in the surgery, but Napur forbids it. [I thought all hospitals everywhere have rules against practicing on family members? is that actually a hospital-by-hospital thing?] Hooten goes in and Villanueva watches from above. Nick will be fine, and Napur apologizes for throwing out Villanueva from the OR, but she had to in order to perform at her best without having him breathing down her neck. [I like her.] Down in the ER, a teenager feigns paralysis to stay away from the cops, and Ridgeway suspects he's the one who stabbed Nick. Villanueva coaxes a confession out of the teen by telling him he's dying of multiple tumors. [WHOA. love and hate here.] See, Nick had criticized the kid's baklava in cooking class. [what kinda class IS this?!? who is that intense??] Nick admits that he actually wants to go into acting. [strange family dynamic starting...] Villanueva is called on in the M&M for trying to work on a family member. He claims he was the best person to care for the patient, and the group doesn't disagree. But, Hooten asks what questions were asked for diagnosis, and nothing was aside from "who did this to you?" which has little medical relevance. [Hooten's good at his job, guys. I like it.]

Buck is planning to take a kidney from a patient to transplant into her sister. But, the recipient dies on the table. The donor can't have it put back inside of her, but Buck can give it to someone else if the patient consents. She does not, planning to take it home. [so far, not that weird.] There are several legal concerns, but the girl does not want to discuss her intents with the organ, switching gears and talking about instances where people eat organs in a ceremonial fashion. Buck is willing to stand by her after talking to a few people, but the patient now needs a psych eval because of her hostility earlier. He gets called in the M&M, where Napur strongly backs allowing the patient to have her own kidney. [I was really happy that this show has already addressed how behind America is regarding medicine.]

A famous violinist goes to Park about losing his perfect pitch, believing the problem to be in his brain and not his ears. Turns out, there's a growth that can be removed, but he could lose everything in the process. [yikes!] The guy doesn't want to call his family (including two young children) before the procedure but does want to play one last time. [people's priorities always astound me.] Park asks Wilson to assist, so he can play the violin and test the guy's pitch as Wilson works on the guy's brain. [I really enjoyed the duet between the recovered patient and Park.]
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