Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Teen Mom 2: Ancient History

Ancient history is what we're looking at here. Jenelle is back with Kieffer, though we know she's going to marry someone named Courtland. Kailyn is thinking of asking Javi to move in, though we know she's going to marry someone completely different, too. Chelsea has to move, so she turns to her father to ask him to find her a place, as she's busy going to school and not working. Leah is in counseling with Corey, though we know she's going to marry Jeremy after all. The only stuff that's actually new this episode (at least to me) is Jenelle contemplating a breast enlargement and Jo moving to New Jersey. I can't be the only one who gets tired of old stuff just getting hashed out for the sake of telling a whole story, am I?

Teen Mom 2  "Faded Love" (S04E04):
Jenelle: She's back to smoking weed now that she's off parole. She wants breast implants because she feels like a 12-year-old at the beach. [I don't know that I've ever thought that being flat-chested and petite makes you look young at the beach. but, now that pre-teens get highlights, I guess it's possible.] She feels good about the decision after a consultation, but her mother is against it.
Kailyn: She's still trying to stop Vee from hanging around Isaac, but no changes are made to the custody arrangement when Kailyn and Jo go back to court. Jo mpves to NJ without Vee, planning to stay with his parents on the weekends when he's supposed to have Isaac so there's no change in hand-overs. [what does Jo do again? I mean, besides "rap" ??] 

Chelsea: She decides to tell her mom about having sex with Adam now that she knows she isn't pregnant. [why?] She gets another IUD inserted. [I am seriously baffled by people who struggle to remember to take a birth control pill.] She's highlighting and cutting hair now. The house she's living in gets sold so she has to move, so she has her dad help look for a new place. [her whiny voice irritates me so badly!]

Leah: Corey and Jeremy talk, and Leah regrets breaking off her engagement with Jeremy. [650%?? how do you come up with a number like that? also, how do you think counseling will actually go for them?]
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