Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Teen Mom 2: The Fourth Season Starts

When is the last time you saw a season of a program end, only for the next season to start the very next week? I honestly don't think I've ever experienced that. We all know that it's smart, because so many things have happened with those girls in real life that the series must keep up or else the fans will switch to the tabloids. And, there's a lot to cover to catch up... Leah will have to get over Corey enough to marry Jeremy and have his baby, and Jenelle is going to ruin things with Gary and find someone else to marry. Kailyn and Chelsea's storylines aren't quite as laid out, but we know Kailyn will marry, and hopefully Chelsea will find success in her new educational venture. Any predictions for these two ladies this season?

Teen Mom 2 "Under Pressure" (S04E01):
Chelsea: Her IUD came out and she had unprotected sex with Adam, which she tells a couple of friends. [I not only struggle with the fact that she just lets him keep coming back, but I also hate that she tells people her secrets just to see their reactions.] She says that she had no feelings for him. Similarly, Adam says that she'll always be an occasional fling, never a serious thing. He also is working a new construction job. 

Jenelle: She moves AGAIN and wants Jace to be able to spend the night at her new place. She's going to school to be a medical assistant and it's been eight months since she last smoked. [I'm actually impressed by that.] Her friend tells her that Kieffer is out of prison, and he finds Gary's number. She and Gary worry that they should change their numbers to avoid the felon, but things are not yet out of control. [I laugh so hard at the idea that Kieffer will return!]

Leah: She miscarries after a week of cramps and some bleeding. [awww.] She decides that she wasn't really ready so she wants her IUD again. She tells Corey that she's not 100% sure she wants to be with Jeremy, but he tells her to move on.
Kailyn: Kailyn (who got a new job at the mall) argues with Jo and it turns physical so she files an order to prevent Jo from contacting her or Isaac until a judge hears the story and re-evaluates the custody agreement. [wow. also, how many jobs is she going to have??] Jo is upset that Javi can be around Isaac but Vee can't. [logical.] Jo explains that Kailyn made the first hit. [believable.] Jo's dad thinks Kailyn is just upset that Jo isn't jealous of Javi. [TOTALLY believable.] Javi is mad at Jo for hitting back.
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