Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Switched at Birth: Politics, Love Triangles, and Alcohol

It's hardcore campaign time! In 2008, I was very active in my local political arena. I helped out no fewer than FIVE campaigns, knocking on doors, passing out flyers at picnics, folding and addressing and stamping letters, waving on street corners, and all sorts of miscellaneous tasks. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. So much fun, in fact, that I stopped caring that I didn't agree with every stance of every person I helped. Toby and Elisa are both a bit stunned by the political views of their parents, to the extent that Toby doesn't really want to help out his father, and Elisa does a 180 and helps out her mother's opponent instead. Though I don't believe that this "forbidden love" has any future, I am intrigued by the focus on the campaign. I expect it will be short-lived, but I also question the timing... the previous episode was very clearly for Valentine's Day, so what sort of mid-spring election is this going to be?

Switched at Birth "Drive in the Knife" (S02E07): John asks Toby to write a song for his campaign, but he's off the hook when Bay offers to design billboards. Toby is actually upset because he disagrees with John's politics, but agrees to go down to Kennish HQ and put up signs around the city. Working with Emmett, they meet Elisa, who claims to be a politically-savvy 18-year-old who comes on to Toby. He decides to go with her back to her place, where they start making out in the hot tub. Her mother shows up, who is none other than the woman running against John. Meanwhile, back at HQ, Bay struggles to "tell the right story" with John's billboard, eventually settling on a non-political and catchy design. John is willing to go with it, but his adviser, Ivan, finds it to be too much like graffiti. Then, Bay then hears Ivan tell someone on the phone not to donate to the Kennish campaign, as he's going to lose, so she purposely doesn't submit her artwork in time. [it was sweet of John to tell Bay that he knows he'll probably lose, but he wants to go down fighting in the way he wants, with her designs.]

When Bay tells Emmett that she's dating Noah, he gives her a kiss in a last-ditch attempt to convince her that she's not ready to move on. [so... Bay drops off Toby at school? I didn't get why they carpooled.] Bay and Noah enjoy drama club, where Kathryn has convinced Daphne to play the Nurse, despite much hesitation. [I'm kinda fascinated at watching Shakespeare be signed! also, I really think that Bay and Daphne will end up fighting over Noah!] 
Regina has her first day at a design center, but afterwards winds up drinking at the jazz club with Zane. [his trumpet is names after his daughter's imaginary friend, Sabrina??] Problematically, she oversleeps the next morning by 90 minutes and loses her job, though she tells Daphne that the shoppe just didn't understand family obligations. [who sees a downward spiral ahead??] Regina wonders if she should be a bartender, and winds up guzzling wine and walking home, where she ignores a needy Bay. [so this would be a Sam Malone situation? an alcoholic tending bar??]

Daphne tells Travis that she thinks they're too different to be anything more than friends. [such a cute little mini-picnic!] Later, they're called down to the police to see if her attacker is in a line-up. She spots him, but Travis says he doesn't see the guy in the lineup. See, he would rather stalk the guy and whack him with a baseball bat. [he doesn't seem to have a good grasp on cause and effect, eh?] After Daphne yells at him, she tells John, who explains to Travis that the assault charges aren't worth the satisfaction of "teaching the guy a lesson." He's upset that Daphne told John to talk to him, but he did go down to the station to identify the guy.
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