Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Switched at Birth: Daphne's Food Truck, Bay's Party

I can't stop saying enough good things about this show! I feel like I promote it to someone every single week! These two episodes are no exception - full of drama, each character has something going on (with varying degrees of believability), and the relationships between the characters are always changing. Such conflict! Such craziness! Such cuteness! I think that Kathryn and Bay working on Romeo & Juliet together will create more interesting situations for them, and Bay seems all-too-perfect to be a girlfriend to slowly-losing-his-hearing Noah. I'm not on the Daphne/Travis bandwagon, but I will be a little sad if Toby and Nikki can't reconcile! I understand the importance of having your loved one share your beliefs, but to go from "I love you" to "this is too hard" in a day or two seems a bit rushed. Of course, we were all fickle teenagers once, so we'll just have to see where it goes!

Switched at Birth "The Acquired Inability to Escape" (S02E05): Travis offers to help Daphne with her food truck, but she isn't sure how to move forward with their relationship. She tells Emmett that she kissed Travis, but Emmett points out that Daphne is only interested in hearing guys and that's why it won't go anywhere. [this crisis of identity keeps slapping Daphne in the face.] This is further complicated by Noah showing interest in Daphne, so she decides to ask Travis to go with her to sell tacos after school. Shortly before 9pm, an earlier customer comes back and flirts with Daphne while Travis is taking out the garbage. A second guy enters the truck and takes the cash box from Daphne in a struggle while Travis was distracted buying a rose for Daphne. [I understand that Travis doesn't know what to do with a girlfriend, but he's not coming off as awesome boyfriend material.] When Travis returns, he wants to go after the guys but Daphne just wants to go home, keeping the incident from Regina. Travis doesn't go to school the next day, sitting in the park with a baseball bat, waiting for the guys to return. [I guess Daphne talks him out of staying there and doing that day after day?]

Bay is back into the arts, helping Regina with some wheel-throwing and agreeing to paint sets for the drama club. [Romeo and Juliet set in Soviet Russia?? please tell me they're going to use a dramaturg!] But, the play is put on hold when there's no money to pay the director. Sad to see her daughter upset, Kathryn volunteers to direct. [she had to know that Bay wouldn't have wanted that, though.] Unfortunately, she's seen as a cheerleader and is unwelcomed by the Carlton students. Bay mentions to Natalie that Kathryn doesn't have a life of her own which is why she gets involved, but Kathryn overhears her (must not be difficult to do when most of the room is silent!) and gets upset. They soon make up, and Kathryn gives a speech at rehearsal about commitment. [why have Natalie act like she's quitting a moment earlier just to change her mind?]

Regina goes to see Zane play a couple of times but realizes that she shouldn't act like she's in her twenties. [he calls her "Reggie"??] She applies for a job as a receptionist at a spa but doesn't get it and becomes discouraged. Back at Zane's, she has a glass of wine, though she previously turned down a cocktail without too much concern. [I think I'm with the majority of the audience on this one - we do NOT want a storyline of Regina's alcoholism!]

Toby is thinking of applying to Washington University, and because John's father went there, he wants to ask him for an alumni recommendation. John doesn't love the idea (he hasn't seen his father in six years, despite the fact that he's apparently local), but Toby goes ahead and meet with his grandfather. Well, the man only discourages Toby by saying he's wasting his free time when he could be participating in extracurricular activities. So, although John tells Toby to apply wherever he wants, Toby decides he might not be "on the college path." [I have respect for people who have careers that don't require tons of academia, but what, exactly, will Toby do? he's not THAT good at the guitar...]

Switched at Birth
"Human/Need/Desire" (S02E06): Kathryn sees Daphne icing a bruise from the attack and wonders what happened. Daphne lies about falling off her bike, but Kathryn notices that the chain is still broken, so she tells John that she's worried. Meanwhile, Daphne is desperate to get past the incident, but when she tries to take out her truck again, she freaks out and turns to Melody for advice. [I thought Melody was an interesting choice. probably the best one, but still a bit intriguing because of their current relationship. although, in light of the classroom discussion about how being deaf isn't necessarily a loss, it makes some sense. Daphne needed to process how the benefits deaf people have fit into her situation.] Melody convinces Daphne to file a police report, and Regina comes to the station. [I appreciated Regina trying to look out for her daughter when the policeman seemed ignorant of deaf people, but I agree with Daphne that she blew it a little out of proportion.] The next morning, Regina tells John and Kathryn, who are very upset that they had to wait so long to hear about it. John doesn't want Daphne taking the food truck out anymore and immediately sells it. [that morning?!?] Kathryn starts making Daphne check-in more often throughout the day. Because Regina and Kathryn are so upset that John sold the truck, he buys it back... only for both of them to agree it should be sold. [wanting to be consulted is one thing, and he should have talked to the whole family about it, including Angelo. BUT, buying it back to sell it again was annoying.]

Toby gives Nikki a framed poster as a three-month anniversary gift. [he's adorable, guys. maybe as much as Emmett!] She tells him that she loves him, then immediately pretends that she meant she loved the gift. The next time they get together, on Valentine's Day, he tells her that he loves her, then they head to Bay's get-together for a bit. [awww! I remember my three-month dating anniversary with my now-husband. we were even younger than these guys!] She gives him a leather cuff that he is a bit uncomfortable with, as it depicts a cross. She then realizes that she can't stay with him if he doesn't share her belief in God. [tough blow!]

And, the Valentine's Day stuff: John and Kathryn have their traditional steak and strawberry cheesecake. Bay and Natalie sell roses to raise money for the drama club. [random costumes!] Travis gets Daphne a bag of flour and plans to take her to dinner and a closed-captioned movie. [I like Travis's sense of humor!] Natalie tells Bay that she's into a girl and asks Bay if she's after Noah, who has joined the drama club. [hmmm...] Kathryn offers to throw a party for Bay and her friends, but Bay wants to be anti-Valentine's Day and has a gathering at Angelo's instead. [LOVED Bay's outfit! but I expected Kathryn to be more upset.] Angelo invites Lana to help chaperone, hoping to convince her that he doesn't want to ruin his chance at raising another child (even though she's already narrowed down prospective adoptive families to just a few couples). The party has other problems, however, as Noah temporarily loses his hearing, and when it returns, he gets into a big fight with Travis. [my jaw dropped over that seal comment!] Emmett and Angelo break it up, and Bay later kisses Noah.
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