Wednesday, February 13, 2013

HIMYM: Jeanette is Crazy, Robin Holds Marvin

I had a couple of problems with this episode. First, how was there no mention of the hot/crazy scale? I kept hoping for a reference to it, but nothing. Second, I loved that Marshall and Barney keep all of their "toys" at Ted's "clubhouse," but I draw the line at a Boba Fett costume. Third, I wasn't crazy about the "years down the road" flash-forwards with Lily and Robin drinking wine. No big hair changes, strange fashion choices (are turtlenecks seriously going to make a comeback?), and the only major change is going from stemless wine glasses to stemmed... was that supposed to signify ANYTHING? I realize that Robin's actions with Marvin were the smaller storyline, but I found it just as bothersome. This is just another episode that showcases how far this series will go sometimes to get its laughs... not a winner.

How I Met Your Mother "Bad Crazy" (S08E16): Jeanette is making Ted want to settle down with someone else because she's crazy. Crazy as in she even takes her dog to an exorcist. [whoa.] But, Ted struggles to break off the relationship because Jeanette acts crazy most of the time, even getting them kicked out of the hockey arena. Barney and Marshall let Jeanette into Ted's apartment to pick up a book, but she barricades herself in Ted's room, where she can stay for a while, thanks to Ted's paranoia after Superstorm Sandy. It gets even worse when Ted calls the police, as Jeanette is an officer and walkies in that she'll check out the situation, effectively canceling the call. [stretching the plot to fit a laugh? I think so! and, why bring back those red boots making another appearance so soon?? AND, why does Jeanette have such a misconstrued idea of Lily's identity?]
Meanwhile, we learn that Robin has managed to avoid holding Marvin for eight months now, so when she has to care for him, she allows Mike Tyson to comfort him, then accidentally allows the stroller to roll into the street. To calm herself, she has a drink in a topless bar, leaving the baby with Tyson. Robin only shared a few of these details at a time, and seventeen years later, Lily is thrilled to hear SENATOR Tyson rocked her infant child to sleep. [yes, it was that ridiculous.] But, Robin really does hold Marvin and loves it, until he soils himself. [could've guessed!]
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