Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cake Boss: Superheroes, on and off the Page

I thought that the pairing of Buddy's mother's charity fundraiser with Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy in the same episode was well done. After seeing such a terrible and debilitating disaster, having "I Will Survive" in your head definitely inserts a ray of hope. Ending the season on such a cliffhanger is rough, though... and yet another reason why reality shows are difficult to watch. Much like Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, the aftermath of SuperStorm Sandy is something that we've all read about online, so seeing what some characters on television do about it four months after the event is bit humdrum. I'm not sure when Cake Boss is planning to return to the airwaves, but any lapse at this point is only going to make those episodes even less relevant. It's not the nicest thing to say, but it's the truth. All of that said, I thought that the superhero cake was neat, but just too busy.   

Cake Boss "Superheroes and Bakers Unite!" (S05E29): Buddy heads to Marvel to discuss a Spider-Man cake, which will also include other characters and a lot of movement. [pause to giggle at Buddy's impression of Hulk] Buddy really wants to blow it out of the water, so they work on lighting it up, creating a sinkhole, and using firecrackers. [not impressed with the latest prank on Marissa. and her confetti cannon just made a mess!] Ralph gives some ideas on how to make the effects work, and the gang dresses up as superheroes to deliver the cake. [I want to know who was running around the bakery dressed like Spider-Man, though!]

It's still Ashley's first week and she shows up really late, having overslept from being out late the previous night. [man! making it look more and more like Jen should have won, LoL!]

The sisters and WifeLisawork on the fundraising gala, hoping to raise $250k.

Cake Boss "We Will Survive" (S05E30): First, let's finish up talking about the gala for the Momma Mary foundation, in mid-October. The sisters work hard to find items to use in a silent auction. [and a regular one, apparently.] Everyone at Carlo's makes a bunch of cakes and pastries for the event. Al Roker and Randy Fenoli attend the event, but the big deal is Gloria Gaynor, who comes to sing "I Will Survive" with MommaMary. [I don't think I've ever noticed before how much Buddy's mother sings!] In the end, they raise $265K. [wow!]
Ashley learns to make a chocolate mousse cake but struggles to stop it from being lobsided. Frankie helps her with the sides, but at the end of the day, she failed. She doesn't think it's that bad, though, and that bothers Buddy. [she's just proud. we saw that on Next Great Baker.]

A family-owned furniture business is honoring a father with a cake, and they want it to be a replica of a best-selling chair. [this mini-project got the short end of the stick this episode... perhaps they shouldn't have bothered including it.]

After Sandy, Buddy learns that the Lackawanna basement is flooded, and the transformer might be, too. There's a possibility that it will take months to recover. [according to SisterLisa, the bakery was open in less than two weeks, though I assume she's referring to the main storefront, not Lackawanna specifically.]
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