Saturday, March 9, 2013

Last Man Standing: Coaching Soccer

A recycled plotline from Home Improvement yet again? Do you guys remember when Tim took soccer training to a whole new level when Brad was being scouted for a college scholarship? (if you don't, it was the "Pump You Up" episode.) Plus, the whole "he also said you were no good at fishing" reminded me of how Tim would mis-say the lesson from Wilson's talks. Two more episodes to go in the season - do you think there will be another reference to the old hit? Oh, and before we move on, "I don't know honey, I'm not a scientist" was funny once. Twice was overkill on such a bad joke. Or did you like it? 

Last Man Standing "Private Coach" (S02E16): Mike makes a big deal about Eve's soccer game, feeling like she isn't playing to her full potential. [Vanessa paying attention to Octavio is fine, but not recording ANY of the game was difficult to believe.] He then hires a private coach to improve her chances at a scholarship. [so far, not too crazy...] The first lesson has Vanessa, Blanca, Kristin, and Mandy staring out the window as Octavio works with Eve. [really? how incredibly awkward!] Mike, on the other hand, argues with some of Octavio's teachings, so the coach moved the lesson to the park.
Things get even worse, however, when Octavio wants to move Eve to defense, believing that she'll never be college soccer material. [awww.] Mike does a vlog about never surrendering, mentioning the efforts of J.K. Rowling and Michael Jordan. Eve follows their footsteps, persevering and practicing, Mike by her side. [it's nice that she wasn't too disheartened by the coach's opinion.]

Off of Eve, Kyle catches Mandy drooling over Octavio but doesn't really mind, which bothers her. [haha!] She gets upset that he's not jealous, and when they argue, he accidentally calls her "Kristin," making things worse. [ouch!] So it doesn't happen again, Ed tell Kyle to stick with pet names. [reminds me of that terrible guy on Frasier who was a patient of Niles and dated Roz.] Mandy tells Kristin, then realizes that Kyle only said it because he remembers Kristin as a b!tch. [hilarious. also, Mandy DOES still work at the diner with Kristin.]
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