Friday, March 8, 2013

Big Bang: Disney Princesses + Science

I just noticed that they have a Rubik's cube tissue holder! How cute! Not that I'd want one, but a neat idea nonetheless. That's kind of how I felt about this whole episode, actually. I thought it was good but wouldn't want to relive it over and over. Leonard's bitterness toward his upbringing was a little intense, and the children not really caring that they were in the presence of an astronaut was actually sad. I realize that it's not the super-cool profession that it was when I was a kid, but these girls were barely interested. Meanwhile, the girls at Disneyland amused me a bit... it's not a cheap thing to do, even for locals anymore, so you have to wonder how Penny had $100+ to blow on a work day.

The Big Bang Theory "The Contractual Obligation Implementation" (S06E18): Raj joins Penny, Amy, and Bernadette for a girls' night, where he asks them for advice on what to do with Lucy on a date. Their main idea is to do something dangerous, but for two socially inept folks, a lot of scenarios can be dangerous. The girls decide to ditch work and go to Disneyland for a day of fun, though Amy struggles to play hooky. [her story made me laugh, though.] Bernadette wants the princess makeover, but the girls fight over who gets to be which lovely storybook lady.]

The guys have to serve on a university committee, and Leonard is the only one not complaining about it. [does Raj not have this obligation?] They have to come up with ideas to reduce gender bias and get more women into science. [interesting point that women sometimes use their first initials in their publications.] Sheldon suggests that the answer is to get girls interested back in middle school, so Howard calls his alma mater and they head to give a talk about how cool it can be to work in science. [I forgot he was a local! also, Leonard trying to talk young was hilarious. his rapping was even better!] Leonard tries to explain how he came to science but winds up lamenting his forced background, the child of two scientists. So, Sheldon decides to call Amy and Bernadette on the phone, who speak about science while dressed like Disney princesses. [Bernadette as Cinderella (everyone's top pick, for some reason), Amy as Snow White, and Penny as Sleeping Beauty.]
Byron Cohen/NBC
Meanwhile, Raj stages a date at the library, where they text one another over a picnic. [SO.ODD.] When her phone dies, Lucy leaves, but first asks him if a goodbye kiss would be okay. She leans in but has a panic attack and runs out. [hahaha!]
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