Saturday, November 24, 2012

Last Man Standing: Eve Drinks, Mandy Works

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I am SO glad that this season is getting better! I could still do without NewKristin and AgedBoyd, and a little more Kyle/workplace wouldn't hurt, but we're getting there. I was taken aback by some of the things that were said in "High Expectations" was really dated/ignorant in places, I thought. There's a time to make jokes of politically incorrect phrases, but too many is no good. I was also not a fan of Eve surrendering to peer pressure in such a short period of time... couldn't they have her "sliding downhill" or something? With the other episode, I thought that Mandy giving her tips to Kristin was too unrealistic for the materialistic pop princess. Regardless of seeing the struggles of her older sister, it was a bit of a leap in a single day. What did you think?

Last Man Standing "High Expectations" (S02E03): Someone egged the Baxters' cars and another couple on the block. [...why?] After Mike washes his family's cars, Kristin is afraid the new neighbors (a black family) will feel singled out. Vanessa agrees, but Mike doesn't want to talk to them. [haha, remember his issues with neighbors in the past?] Vanessa decides to go over there but she quickly puts her foot in her mouth repeatedly and winds up inviting them for drinks on Friday night because there's an awkward pause. [seriously? why is inviting people over her default?] When they arrive, things are awkward until Mike decides to tell the truth and he and Chuck hit it off. [the "crackers" joke was too far.]
While the adults are entertaining, Mandy is auditioning for a solo in show choir but has to leave early to help Eve, who gets plastered at a party when she was supposed to be at soccer practice. [nice of Mandy!] Mandy covers for her sister as well as she can, but Vanessa and Mike still catch their youngest daughter falling over when she tries to get upstairs. This promptly ends Eve's attempt to quit soccer and move on to other things, as she proves that she can't make good decisions. [I'm still in disbelief that she managed to suck so much at life so quickly.] Mike initially blames Mandy but eventually believes the truth.

Last Man Standing "Ed's Twice Ex-Wife" (S02E04): Mandy complains because every swimsuit she tries on looks amazing. [insert #firstworldproblems.] She wants $2,000 to go to Cancun for her senior trip but Mike and Vanessa suggest she get a job. Mandy wants to waitress with Kristin and winds up being a real charmer, earning lots of tips on her first shift. [all of those fake Vanessa lines became ridiculous. I also wasn't happy that Mandy made Kristin make mistakes.] But, by the time she's home and exhausted, she realizes how hard Kristin's life is and gives her the $73 in tips. [still unbelievable!]

While this is going on, Wanda, Ed's first and third ex-wife, comes to the store to demand half of Ed's vineyard, which he kept off his list of property when they got divorced. Ed wants to figure out how she learned of it, and Mike realizes that Vanessa keeps in touch with her and spilled the beans. ["squeezing Ed's grapes" was funny.] Vanessa doesn't think there's anything wrong with Ed's ex-wife wanting a fair share, and when Mike tells Ed that Vanessa was the betrayer, the guy heads to Vanessa's office to seek advice in getting back Wanda! [i really didn't follow this... WHY?] The two are vastly different but give it another try anyway. Vanessa and Mike the spend the rest of the episode talking about which person of every couple they'd "get" if they (or the other couple) divorced. [kinda odd in a way, when you consider how much time they spend avoiding other couples regularly!]
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