Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Smash: So Incredibly Bad

The best thing about this show is that there are three very different productions being developed, all so different that they're each intriguing in their own way. Unfortunately, that's the only thing I still like about this show, so I'm calling it quits. I spend so much time rolling my eyes and snorting about what I'm seeing that I just can't get past the garbage any longer. The previews are even worse - revolving directors and revolving Marilyns, between Tom seeing Ivy as the lead and Jerry seeing Derek as the director. Count me out.  

Smash "The Fringe" (S02E06): First, Bombshell: Eileen chose the workshop version, but Jerry thinks there's too much music and that a song or two should be cut. Julia gets angry that the number dangling in the balance is the first one she wrote for the show, so Tom tries to appease her by begging to keep it. Rather than re-writing it, however, he just re-stages it, angering Derek. [well, yeah!] Derek refuses to take turns directing, so he quits. Julia may not be far behind him, as she's considering going to London with Peter to collaborate on a new project. But even THAT isn't the end of the changes. See, Karen runs into Ellis's ex-girlfriend and learns that Ellis made a deal with Jerry. Karen tells Eileen, who  figures out that Jerry paid Ellis for information. She tells Julia and Tom, figuring she can get the show back and just have Tom direct. [see? the drama is trash.]

Now, Liaisons: Ivy struggles to reel in Terry, who now wants live sheep and mirrors all over the place. [sheep?!?!?] On Press Day, Ivy hams it up, so Terry decides to cut that number because she can't steal the show. [bleh.] So, when he asks her why she's crying, she tells the truth - he's making bad choices. He decides to get the opinions of the rest of the staff and learns that big changes need to be made. [when tech is about to start?? that's going to suck.] 
Will Hart/NBC
On to Hit List: The guys are staging it for a fringe festival, with Karen performing but Derek not directing. Jerry is pissed, as he wants Bombshell to introduce Karen, and he didn't approve any other projects for her. [true.] Six hours before the performance, she has to quit, but she shows up just before curtain anyway. It's still in second position for her, but Jimmy becomes an actor for it and Derek returns to directing the well-received show.
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