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Big Bang: How will the Letter Change Howard's Life?

I have a lot to say about this episode, so let's get to it! "He accidentally wore my pants to work." I never understood how this happened on Boy Meets World when Topanga put on Corey's pants, and I don't get it now. How can you not tell whether a pair of pants is yours?? Do you own so many you forget? Do you not pay attention to what your clothes look like? Regardless, I was in awe of the size of that closet! When I was in graduate school, I lived in a townhouse with a good friend. It wasn't the best neighborhood and the place went downhill in the second year we were there, but I'll always remember the bedroom closets... we each had TWO walk-in closets in our bedrooms. When they're big, they're much easier to organize, in my opinion.

Speaking of which, Sheldon made massive strides for working with what he had available... I'm one of those people who needs a vision of how to organize an area, then plan out what bins/labels/baskets I'll use for sorting, and THEN I can get to it. Otherwise, I just end up sorting stuff into piles and not actually getting anywhere with that to do with it all after I'm done.

And, now for the elephant in the room. I had seen some tweets go across my feed from the East Coast watchers who said the episode made them cry. I guess I'm not that sappy, because I didn't think the end was all that touching. I laughed at Sheldon's contribution, and I liked the idea that there are seven possible realities, but most of them were weird. Or, maybe I'm jaded because, like Howard, my father is absent from my life (has been since I was 12) and the last correspondence I had from him was for my nineteenth birthday. That said, I think this might be the impetus for Howard to decide to have children. Hearing the possible contents of that letter including things like how important family is or that he's proud of Howard or a newborn-new-parent photo strike me as the type of thing that would set Howard on a family kick. And, considering that the show has been trying to show the maturation of the character, I suspect they might be going in this direction. I don't actually want that to happen (and it might not, as Bernadette is very clearly a career woman who will probably over-analyze family planning possibilities), as I'm not a fan of everyone being paired off on this show. (not that I'd want to ditch the female characters... I just like the girls better as a unit and the boys better as a unit... not intermixed.) What do you think?

The Big Bang Theory "The Closet Reconfiguration" (S06E19): Howard tosses things into the bedroom closet to tidy the place for a dinner party. Because it's Thai night for Sheldon, Bernadette spent the day preparing Thai, even though Sheldon just brought his own take-out. Upset, she agrees to show Sheldon the closet, and he goes crazy organizing it during the meal. [WHAT was Amy wearing?? on the flip side, I LOVED Bernadette's outfit!] Sheldon actually stays so late that everyone else leaves and Howard agrees to drive him home. The most interesting thing that Sheldon finds is an unopened letter from Howard's father. [I don't understand why you'd keep it with no intention to ever open it...] Howard decides to burn the document he's been holding onto since his eighteenth birthday, but Sheldon had already read it. So, Penny asks Sheldon what information it contained, tricking him into agreeing that Bernadette co-owns that information. [Sheldon KNEW Penny wasn't smart enough to come up with that property law...] Leonard then gets it out of him by pointing out that Penny will just spill the beans anyway. So, everyone knows BUT Howard, and when Bernadette lets him know, he starts to angrily confront Sheldon before just retreating to relive the positive memories he has of his father. The group decides to present seven different ideas of what was in the letter, only one of which is true - it's like knowing and not knowing at once. [I was surprised that they didn't work in Schrodinger's Cat!]
Michael Yarish/Warner Bros.
Here's what each said was inside -
Raj: a simple birthday card.
Sheldon: a map to the lost treasure of famous pirate One-Eyed Willie Peg-Leg Antoine.
Amy: that Howard's dad attended his HS graduation in secret and cried out of pride.
Penny: a letter explaining he was on the run.
Leonard: an explanation that family is the most important thing, so don't throw it away like he did.
Bernadette: a picture of newborn Howard and his father. 

Oh, and there was a mini side-plot about Penny and Leonard wanting to throw a dinner party, where Raj wanted to plan it as a turn-of-the-century Moulin Rouge theme. Leonard wanted more of a Mad Men cocktail party. [again, Amy's outfit was hideous.]
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