Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mistresses: Harry Meets Dominic, April Investigates

Despite the rocky start I had with this series, I thought that this episode was pretty good. The writing was tight, enabling a lot to happen, which I liked. Jocelyn is quickly becoming my least-favorite character, even more so than Karen. While the psychiatrist has performed the most questionable actions, the realtor is rather whiny and annoying. On the flip side, I like Savi's character and her problems, but find April's issues more fascinating. How are you liking the girls so far?

Mistresses "The Morning After" (S01E02): [sticking with the paragraph per mistress for now.]
Savi tells Karen about cheating on Harry with Dominic, and Karen says that Savi needs to figure out why it happened before she talks to Harry. [I guess that's smart?] Savi then tells April, who doesn't want to hear it. Savi wants to tell Harry the truth, but chickens out. It might only be a matter of time, however, as Harry visits Savi at the office and meets Dominic. [they'd never met??]
Savi tells Jocelyn that she can't wander into the kitchen whenever she wants, but the younger sister keeps doing so, and even manages to get Harry to make her some eggs. [fancy eggs are so good!] Jocelyn then tries to convince a client that she wants to buy a house, and the two play with some Japanese bonding rope found in a drawer of a house on the market. [awkward!] Later, Jocelyn is performing the art on a guy when the client calls back to say that they may be interested in a beach house once more. [ha!]

April tells Karen and Savi about her husband's possible affair. Savi wonders if the other woman is a fraud, as she showed up just after April cashed the life insurance check. [reasonable guess.] Savi looks into it and learns that the woman was a receptionist at a hotel in Orlando where April's husband often traveled for work. April then does some digging and learns that her husband bought the woman a car. [ouch!] So, April goes to confront the woman, who says that she wants money so that her son can have the same life as April's daughter. [figures. I wonder if she would legally owe him anything, given the paternity issue?]

Against the advice of her friends, Karen meets with Sam again. [she can't stop!] Later, an investigator comes to her office to ask about Thomas Grey's death. She may need to produce notes on the sessions, which worries her, as she recently shredded all of them.
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