Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mistresses: The Drama Escalates

The extreme drama that is synonymous with soap operas is finally starting to come to light with this series. Karen is considering a relationship with someone she lied to, plus she's being stalked. Savi decides to keep working alongside the man with whom she had an affair, but her husband strikes him at a corporate event. April wants to start her first relationship in three years but is plagued by the fact that her ex-husband might not actually be dead. Joss, looking for a closer friend, moves in with a former client, for whom her boss might have the hots. Acts like these are the reason I found Melrose Place so over-the-top and have stayed away from many other series over the years, so the time I will spend watching this drama may be limited at this point.

Also, we're finally getting some more information about how the ladies know one another, as well as how old the characters are. April has known Savi since she was 10, and Joss since she was in diapers, supporting the large age gap between the sisters.

MIstresses "All In" (S01E07):
Karen is out buying some pepper spray and automated motion-sensor lights when she runs into Newsome, who says that his work is done on the case, though it's not yet closed. He questions her notes, as they say Thomas was suicidal while she first said that he was not. [I don't know that I would have believed her explanation for the discrepancy, but he seemed to think it made sense.] Sam has been calling her at home repeatedly and hanging up, so when her front door camera isn't working she gets paranoid and calls Newsome for help. He volunteers to do more than she asks, and then they have a heart-to-heart over some wine, but Karen stays moral, because the case is not yet closed. However, it seems that Sam is, indeed, watching her.
ABC/Richard Foreman
Harry tells Savi to keep her job and that they'll figure something out, but he really has a lot on his mind, as his business manager tells him to lose the lamb from his menu, but he wants to keep it as an Australian chef. [was that scene basically to show that Harry needs Savi, financially?] Savi tells Dominic that she's not quitting, and asks that they try to keep their cases separate for a while. This is great for the office, but they soon cross paths socially, at a big party for a retiring partner of the firm. Harry hits Dominic after he congratulates Harry on the baby, causing a scene. [this is what Savi gets for telling the men two different stories about the baby's paternity!] The next morning, Harry tells Savi that he's making peace with what happened.

April needs to decide if she's ready to make her relationship with Richard public, as he wants to tell their daughters and plan outings together. She thinks she thinks she sees Paul on the street, so she goes to his grave to blow off steam and leave her wedding band, finally closing that chapter of her life. [it seemed like she was preparing to do so with the donation of his belongings, too.] Richard is thrilled with the news, but he doesn't know that Paul then shows up at April's door. [meh. this is where the soapiness of this show might become too much for me... faking deaths is so Melrose Place.]  
Joss moves in with April, but later decides that she might be happier at Alex's place. This might be a strange choice, however, as Joss's boss might have a thing for Alex AND Alex isn't the partygirl that Joss is. [I suspect Joss feels like a fourth wheel in her current group of friends and is looking for a new BFF.]
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