Tuesday, June 25, 2013

NEW SHOW: Under the Dome

You know how you watch a movie or television show and make a snide remark to those around you about how you'd do something different in the character's situation? This episode had quite a few moments like that for my husband, his uncle, and myself. I really found the first 15-25 minutes interesting, but after that I began to question the series' staying power. After the episode was over, my husband's uncle and I agreed that the only character who really endeared himself to the audience was Joe... neither of us really came to care about any of the other characters. And, when there are quite a few, that's a problem. All hope is not lost yet, as I'm not down-and-out on many of the Chester's Mill townspeople (except Junior, though we're expected to dislike him, I believe), and Barbie's background may prove more interesting than meets the eye at the moment. Especially because he's the one character on the show who listened to "out advice" and wrote a message to those on the other side of the dome! 
Photo: Michael Tackett
Under the Dome "Pilot" (S01E01): Ah, the juxtaposition of life and death, illustrated by a hatching bird and Barbie burying a body (later identified as a doctor) in the woods. Barbie is quickly made out to be a criminal of some sort, speeding away and trying to avoid the police. [I really wanted to find out more about what he was up to!] When he swerves to avoid some cows, however, his luck runs out. [those cows certainly caught me by surprise!] A flat tire and no spare forces him onto some farmland when the dome strikes, and he witnesses a cow being sliced in half. As far as the viewers are aware, he's also the first to touch the boundary, and we learn that it initially shocks the curious people. Barbie is soon joined by teenage Joe, and the two witness a plane crash into the dome before running out into the road to stop a firetruck from doing the same. We also learn that Joe has a sister, Angie, who works at the diner, and that their parents are currently outside the dome. [which, by the way, hasn't actually been confirmed yet. it's technically still a wall.] Meanwhile, Julia, an editor of the local newspaper, loses her car to police commandeering and wanders the perimeter with Barbie. After helping an injured neighbor, Barbie winds up staying the night at Julia's (which has power because of a generator), only to discover that the man he earlier buried was her husband. [interesting link there!]

But, let's back up a little. Phones, both landline and cellular, are down, as well as power, television signals, and most radio stations. [so why does the one work? its antennas are the only ones in town?] So, "Big Jim" the councilman takes it upon himself to put out an announcement that everyone on the road should pull over immediately. He's quite the Chicken Little, as he not only has a fallout shelter but has been stockpiling propane for some reason, which only Duke and Julia (and a random neighbor) seem to know about. Big Jim also has a troubled son, Junior, who had a summer fling with Angie. Except, when she doesn't reciprocate his declaration of love, he almost slits his wrists before acting suspicious toward Barbie and then kidnapping Angie to throw into his father's shelter. [creepster!]

Then there's the police. Duke is an elderly policeman whose pacemaker explodes. [whoa.] Linda is a rookie of sorts and is married to Rusty, a fireman outside the dome. And then there's a family just traveling through town when the event occurs. The teen daughter was headed to a rehab or camp of sorts because of her behavior, and she's the first person to pass out and begin muttering something about "stars falling in lines." Joe also displays this behavior later. [this part was a little too cliche, I thought.]
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