Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Goodwin Games: Ivan's Back

It just hit me that there is only one more episode remaining. That breaks my heart a little, as I still really like this comedy, even if there are terrible cuts sometimes (like right after Jimmy stopped singing). There's just SO MUCH potential here, though it's not likely to be recognized, and I really need to make my peace with that. Henry and Lucinda won't have time to get together, we may never meet Kate, Jimmy won't really be reunited with his daughter, and Chloe won't get a chance to really try college and then establish a career. Plus, we won't get to see the rounds of future games and see how the Goodwins eventually win the money (and what they spend it on!). Alas, all hope is not lost, but I just keep struggling to let go of this one... even worse than with this year's Guys with Kids! Tell me I'm not the only one clinging to a shred of hope that this series isn't over just yet??

The Goodwin Games "Happy Hour" (S01E06): After Chloe tries unsuccessfully to make friends at college, she runs into a middle school classmate, Ivan, who is now a professor. He's always liked her so he asks her out, but Chloe brings along April, who used to have a secret crush on Ivan. [he's not an ugly guy, per se...] Chloe tries to make something happen between her friends, but Ivan is clearly interested only in Chloe, and after he tells her that he named a blue super giant he discovered for her, they kiss.
Ray Mickshaw/FOX
Jimmy is trying to figure out how he'll make a living crime-free, and he thinks that country music star is his calling. [wow... I don't think I've ever had a conversation with someone who has only ever made money illegally!] But, he tries a full-time gig as a bartender, though he'll spend some time on the stage as well. [I LOVED that he sang songs about his crimes! Classic Bays & Thomas!] However, when Jimmy starts singing, the town learns that he and April have a thing going, and Chloe agrees to help keep it a secret from Henry. Oh, that's right, Henry. Well, he meant to text his fiance a "boudoir shot" but sent it to Lucinda accidentally, and she refuses to delete it unless he gives the "break-up speech" he composed years ago but didn't deliver. [the "I can beat it" was also very Bays & Thomas!] At first he he donates $1,000 to her church to get around her stipulation, but then gives the speech anyway. [he seriously still remembers it, years later?]
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