Monday, June 24, 2013

Falling Skies: Tom on Business, Glass on the Run

So... I don't know that it ever really occurred to me that we didn't really know why the war was going on! When the alien talked about the flower that started it all generations ago, I was a bit shocked. I knows I should have realized that there was a cause, and I probably should have guessed that we'd learn about it at some point, but I'm just surprised at myself for not being too curious before! But, I guess we all overlook some things when others seem more important. Like Glass not caring about the safety of anyone but her infant, or Tom knowing that others would freak out about the ally alien but bringing him along anyway. Or Hal knowing that he's a huge liability but keeping that fact mainly to himself. Actually, which offense do you think is the worst?

Falling Skies "At All Cost" (S03E04): Another battle rages on, and many aliens/skitters are killed. The captive arranges a face-to-face meeting between the POTUS and Tom, and our fearless leader travels in Pope's private plane. [how he came into it, I don't know!] The "US Government" is upset that Tom brings the ally alien, and they're split up once enemy aircraft come into view. [I understand that there are many people assigned the detail of protecting the POTUS at all costs, but I thought they were a little overly paranoid at first.] POTUS is not convinced that Charleston has the answers to survival, but we're able to hear the alien's story, which explains that a flower is the reason for the intergalactic war.
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Back in Charleston, the spike-backed kids can now have their harness-nuclei removed, but Ben and a few others hesitate because they will likely lose their super strength and agility, among other "powers." [aka none of the teens want to use glasses and inhalers again, LoL.] Glass does a cheek swab of Alexis and includes it with the samples from the spiky kids for Dr. Kadar's DNA testing. He is able to look for chromosomal mutations, and everything looks normal for all of the samples except for Alexis's, which worries Glass. [well, yeah.] In fact, she promptly knocks out Kadar when he suggests alerting the authorities, then she drugs Lourdes so nobody will see her take off with Alexis. In the woods, she runs into Hal, who now has full use of his legs and is constantly struggling with an evil split personality. [he never should have let Maggie talk him out of telling Tom the truth.]
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