Saturday, June 22, 2013

Family Tools: The Town Parade

The opening credits are reminiscent of Arrested Development! I'm surprised that I didn't realize that before now! I'm also entirely over this series, and even though there are only a few more, I'm going to go ahead and quit it. Apologies to all regular readers and subscribers, but the number of hits that the Family Tolls posts have received directly shows that you guys agree with me, so this is the end. It's a rather ridiculous episode, and one which certainly could have used some more lead-in. For instance, I would have appreciated more background on what the process is to become part of the "First Ladies of Mapleport." But, the episode did stay true to the series premise's roots... Jack is a screw-up (seriously... take a look at this photo.. Jack and Darren are locked inside a room at a client's house!) and his father is always taking on more than he should.
ABC/Evans Ward
Family Tools "The Big Event" (S01E07): Tony and Jack work on a 75-year-old car to ride it in an annual event, but Tony has to finish fixing the engine while Jack and Darren go to a job. The guy they're working for is paranoid, however, and locks them in a room while he runs errands. [and, of course, these two bozos are incapable of figuring a way out!] As the guys wait for help, Darren admits that he's grown accustomed to riding in the father-son parade with Tony while Jack has been out of town for the past five years. When the pair eventually make it to the parade (after running to the event after the van won't start, mind you), they argue over who should ride with Tony (who got Stitch to help fix the car, even if that meant Mason ran the hardware store for a while). [how does that kid just start fires? and I laughed at the fact that Stitch knew but still offered him a part-time position.] 

While all of that is happening, Terry is getting ready to ride as a First Lady of Mapleport with some snooty ladies. [though it's only because she fits into an injured woman's gown!] But, Jack picked up the dress and it sat in the van as he was locked in the client's house, so she showed up to retrieve it, believing Jack and Darren are just messing around. Unfortunately, she drops the bottom of the gown into the engine of Tony's vehicle, ruining it. She tries to work with it anyway, but she's not allowed to ride on the float and just jumps into Tony's car while the boys argued. [but, of course, the car broke down and Jack and Darren came in handy to push it along the parade route!]
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