Friday, June 21, 2013

Fun Friday: Miniature of Monica's Apartment

I love discovering the hobbies of people. It's amazing what folks like to do in their spare time! When I was a kid, reading and watching television or Disney movies were probably the "hobbies" that soaked up the most of my time. When I was in high school, it would be playing the violin and rollerblading. When I was in college, I spent my time volunteering and taking advantage of the free activities that come to large state schools. Since then, however, I've dabbled in a few different things, though I really enjoy baking and cake decorating, playing board games, and traveling. Well, those seem like nothing compared to the creations of my craftier friends who knit, paint, and sculpt, among other things. And, as awed as I am by my friends' talents, they've got nothing on Bruna Salvador Conforto, who creates paper miniatures of pop culture icons.

I saw this last week and had to share! Bruna's attention to detail is exquisite, making her takes on memorable places like Monica's East Village apartment on Friends just incredible. You can visit Bruna's tumblr for more images (and not just of the purple apartment but also of the Gilmores' Stars Hollow home and other television characters' hot spots!), but here's a tiny taste of her mind-blowing work...

All images credited to Bruna Salvador Conforto
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