Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cake Boss: A Clown Cake, a Black-Light Cake

I really, thoroughly enjoyed watching Buddy decorate the clown cake on the fly! I've read that Wilton used to teach a buttercream clown in their old courses, but not anymore, so I was a little curious as to how that would work... and now I have a good idea! Like the customer, I was pretty confused as to what was being done to the sides of the cake, but the elephants turned out REALLY cute! I generally find "the circus" to be a great theme for parties, decorations, kids' rooms, bulletin boards, games of charades, etc. so I was quite happy the customer chose that theme. But, the other cake this episode was just as spectacular! I was very intrigued when the customer asked for a black-light-responsive cake, as I had no idea how one might accomplish such a task. Well, now I know, and I might have to remember that tip about the edible neon body paint! I mean, look at how neat this turned out!
The Cake Boss "Glow in the Dark Cake" (S06E09): Buddy shows up at the Ridgewood bakery to make sure they have the right supplies and that Marissa is running it okay. A woman comes in to order a cake for 20 people for the next day, so Buddy tells the customer that they generally don't do that short-notice. Still, he wants to help her, so without fondant and using limited tools, Buddy does a circus cake on the fly. He airbrushes the cake, then does some clowns and elephants, and it's beautiful. Buddy gets the idea to have a "cake bar" where customers can watch cakes being decorated. [seriously impressive.]

A tattoo modeling company has teamed up with a special effects artist to have an alternative zombie modeling show. [I'm going to refrain from getting "political" right now.] They want a black-light cake that is "gory yet fashionable," so Ralph and Ashley are called into the consultation. Ashley winds up invited to take part in the show. [Ralph's monsters were so cute!!] They have to do some trial-and-error to figure out how to get the glow-in-the-dark effect to be awesome, but Ashley's edible body paints do the job. [LOVED that bright colors! and, Ashley made up to look like a zombie was crazy cool!]
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